An Overnight in Iloilo – I wished we could stay longer!

Watch our short trip to Iloilo to cover a music festival. I was with Zara, my colleague from PeN and I would like to think that we had a lot of fun. You can read my post from here.

Just a side-story, while I was in Iloilo, an ongoing raffle was happening in Manila. And yes, I won a brand new laptop (which I gave my father).


This Mom Went to Hong Kong and Learned Amazing Things from Travellers – RISE CONFERENCE 2017 Volunteer

This year, I went to Hong Kong to volunteer for RISE Conference 2017. Originally, the plan was to establish connection as I want to put up my own training camp. But things changed when I went there.

What it’s like to volunteer 

We had at least 4 hours of shift per day and let me tell you, it was exhausting! I chose Registration team because I know it would be one of the busiest teams and that would kill the time faster. I mean, that’s better than doing nothing, right?  Boy it did kill time! And it almost killed my legs. Nevertheless, it was cool! I loved being behind the QR code scanner, printing IDs and meeting nice, and of course, sometimes irate attendees.

Well, it’s not really hard to volunteer. For you to be one, just visit RISE Conference‘s website, and from there – you’d get to see the Volunteer’s page. You don’t have to be a scientist to get into the program. Your common sense and proper English will do you just fine. Prepare your CV because they will require it too. Oh, and bring dark – colored pants.

Apart from getting a FREE ticket to the conference, you get to meet a lot of people from different industries and of course, countries. However, I always needed to cut my visit to the hall or conference floor as I try to work in the afternoon. You see, I decided not to file ‘leaves’ because I need cash!  Haha. It was really fun because I never knew I’d meet new friends from all walks of life!

Will I volunteer again next year? YES!

RECOMMENDED accommodation – HONG KONG HOSTEL in Causeway Bay 

Location : A1, 3/F, Paterson Bldg., 47 Paterson St., Causeway Bay

Watch the video to have a glimpse of our 6- bedroom female dormitory.

If you are coming from the airport, ride bus A11 and go down at stop. 14. Walk towards Paterson street and just follow the street of 7 – 11.

You’d see Paterson building after few walks.

Take note though that there’s another Paterson building and that’s NOT the one you are looking for (I’m not sure how many it is).

Just walk few more and you’d see AESOP shop. The Paterson building right after AESOP is THE ONE! Cost of the bus ride is HKD 40. And yes, it was pretty easy.



Choosing off – the – beaten  path 

It was my 3rd time in Hong Kong so I decided to ditch the more popular places. I wanted to try their beach but ended up hiking at the Dragon’s Back. Thanks KIM! 🙂

Is it recommended?

TOTALLY! But you need to bring lots of water and wear proper hiking attire. I wasn’t prepared so I almost had blisters. But at the end of the journey, the BIG WAVE BEACH was worth it. Bring food and beer and you are all set.

Meeting true – blue travellers 

Probably the best part of my trip is slouching in the hostel’s common area and engaging talks with people from different countries. It was a liberating and humbling experience. You get to know their stories of ‘survival’ – from saving money so they can tour the world, to doing odd jobs in Australia just to feed themselves.

Actually, meeting them wanted me to totally downgrade my lifestyle and invest something even more worth – while – TRAVEL!

I am working harder though, because I want to bring my kids on my next adventure. Oh universe, hear me out, will you?


This Mom Wants to Get Fit!

You see, I started biking a couple of months back, not to join the bandwagon but to simply improve my lifestyle.

As a work from home mom, and someone with multiple jobs at hand, I didn’t bother exercising. I thought, I didn’t want to push myself and get tired.

It all changed one afternoon.

For some reason, I noticed that our bikes were just sitting (without so much use) on our living area. From then on, I rode one of our bikes and never stopped.

To date, my longest ride would be a 38-km road with multiple slopes! That might be a piece of cake for some, but certainly not for me.

Biking is teaching me new tricks in life which I can use every day. Think about being disciplined, focusing on goals and obviously, aiming for it.