I Thought My Mom Was Weak – I Found Out, I Was Wrong

I look like my mom.

Well, sort of. She’s more beautiful. I am more of her ‘rugged’ version.

She’s more of a Virgin-Mary kinda beauty and I’m like the  ‘you-badly-need-to-comb-your-hair’ type.

Personality wise, she’s more refined and lady-like.

Basically, we are opposites. I am loud and my mom is obviously not.  For a time, I thought my mom was weak because she isn’t confrontational nor speaks with a loud voice like I do.


She Doesn’t React Right Away…

I have that very strong personality, to the point that I don’t back down. And this means, if I know I am right, I will shove it to your face!

My mom isn’t.

She will remain silent and will refuse to speak unless she needed to. She ignores useless battles. She remains classy by not reacting right away.

Some people might think she is weak for not saying anything. But now I am certain, she is one of the strongest persons I know.

I realized this when I felt really bad towards someone very close to me. I was literally cursing beside her – and she was just there, listening to me. She didn’t say a word until I finished all my drama. After which she said, ‘Hayaan mo na lang, ikaw lang ang mahihirapan’.

At first I thought, “Why would I let it go? I wouldn’t let anyone accuse me of something I did not do.”

I thought to fight until the end was a sign that you are strong…

But her calmness was so contagious and I realized, yes, she was right. It wasn’t worth the fight. It was at this moment that better senses prevail. To ignore something you think is big is already a courageous thing to do. To stay silent is harder than to speak. 

She embraces unconditional love to its truest sense…

Sometimes, we block ourselves from loving unconditionally because of fear. I am guilty of that. But my mom is different. She loves unconditionally and she knows no boundaries. While some people might find it absurd, my mom thinks otherwise. And that for me – is bravery. To love without expecting anything in return. 

Let’s have a little backstory, shall we? My mom was one of the top students and she is an Engineer. She can easily get a corporate job but instead, she chose to build her dreams around us – her kids.

And what’s the topper? 

I never heard her ask anything from us, not even new clothes or jewelry.

She faces life challenges with grace and poise… 

When I was younger, my parents handled challenges the best way possible. And until now, they face ‘storms’ – together! And mind you, our family has been through a lot. We had our financial issues, health problems – name it, we faced it.

Instead of drowning in these challenges, my mom would handle it gracefully and with so much faith.

That’s probably the reason why she looks great regardless of what life throws at her. At the back of her mind, she always knew that things will be better. And that again, proved that she is stronger than what I thought.

So what am I trying to say here?

That even with a soft facade, even with her silence, my mom is strong – even stronger than most people who talk loudly, and stronger than most people who are extremely confrontational.

And my goodness, I hope I can learn it before I punch someone in the face.


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