Is Our Generation Better Than the Rest?

Just the other day, I was browsing a number of websites to kill time that I landed on a page that gave me an idea of what to write (because it has been a while since I did). 🙂

Are millennials really that bad?

You see, I have read different articles and have seen memes against my generation. Similarly, millennials are doing what they can to debunk these claims…. but here are some of my thoughts on this matter. Hopefully, I can help tighten the gap between generations.

OUR GENERATION ISN’T THE BEST, no particular generation is.

Let me explain this further before you comment or you know, kill me with your words.


Each Generation is Good in Different Areas

This is something that I honestly believe in. While we are more ‘techie’ and we always find ways to make things more efficient, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are better than the rest. Older generations are good with more manual skills. If you must know, these skills are needed just in case solar flare happens and all these technologies which we are accustomed to will be wiped out – in an instant! (Knock on wood, of course)

We are good at streamlining communication. We can send a hundred messages to different people in a matter of minutes. But we can also learn how to properly communicate from the older generations. Their traditional ways of touching lives, when used with our fast-delivering technologies can actually create a better world. Don’t you think?

I can think of a lot of examples right now, but I would leave it at that with high hopes that by now, you are getting the point.


Can we stop generation blaming? 

From the articles that I have read, some millennials are blaming the older generations for creating such a messy world that leads us to create processes and ways which we think are better than theirs.

While our world isn’t perfect (in fact it is chaotic), I don’t think our parents/ grandparents deliberately messed it up for us. Can we just give them the benefit of the doubt and probably consider the means and resources they had at that time? They made use of it. For some of us, their ways are obsolete. But again, these ‘errors’, these ‘mistakes’, help us to create things that we enjoy right now. You do not expect them to spoon feed us, right? Again, these errors allow our generation to be more creative, to think of improvements.

We might be more efficient now, but that doesn’t mean they are less of a person. I couldn’t imagine myself finishing an entire research paper using a typewriter and not a computer. Show some respect!

To the older generation 

But of course, this is not a hate letter for millennials. I have personally heard older people generalizing and stereotyping millennials. (I was one of them – until I realized, it’s not doing any good for anyone)

Please understand that not all of us are lazy and dumb just because we always find answers from Google. We respect that you did your research going to libraries, scanning actual manuscripts, books, and whatnots. But that doesn’t mean we are inferior when it comes to intellect. It’s just we do things differently.

The ‘branding’ that we receive from older people can actually hurt us and we feel that there is a need for mutual respect. For me, if we want to be respected, then we have to start with ourselves. Everyone deserves fair treatment regardless of their age or regardless of their generation.


Afterall, we all exist, and we CO-EXIST.



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