Even Strong People Cry

How many times have I heard this, ‘You have a strong personality’.

Yes, I do. And at some point, I am really proud of it.

But behind that ‘facade’ is a little girl who wanted to be hugged. Behind that overpowering character is a young lady waiting for someone to realize that she is fragile, that she is – after all, a human being too.

I take challenges as if it is a puzzle to be solved. Most of the time, I get out of the ‘maze’ – on my own terms. But that doesn’t mean I don’t cry in the process – most of the time in the comforts of my own home.

Strong people get hurt. And we get hurt so bad because such doesn’t really happen a lot. 

Strong people get tired. And when we get tired, that means it has gone overboard. 

Strong people cry. And when we do, it’s because it pains us already. 

Strong people fake their smiles. Because we are expected to be strong even if at times we are at our weakest. 

And when these things happen, we question ourselves, ‘Where do we run to?’

For someone who’s the shock absorber, who’s going to absorb ours?

I sometimes think, should I cross the fence and just choose to be weak? Maybe by then, more people will realize that this strong person has soft spots too. That beyond that brick-like personality is someone in need of a simple question like ‘How are  you?’

…Or maybe, we weren’t strong after all. Because we fear to be weak.






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