Why I Don’t Gauge My Kids Based on Grades

Why I Don’t Gauge My Kids Based on Grades


When I became a mom and my son started going to school, I already created a mindset that I wouldn’t push them to get skyrocketing grades. What matters to me is that they learn, they do what they do best, and that their social behaviour develops properly.

Why am I writing this post?

I know some parents would push and sometimes force their kids to get good grades. While there is nothing wrong about having great grades on the report card, I sometimes feel that as parents, we should allow our kids to enjoy school, most especially in the first years.  Forcing them to get straight As at the age of 4 or 5 is never going to be fun! Except if your kids really show the interest in such. 

Where am I coming from?

Let’s backtrack a bit and you know, give you an idea where I am coming from.

I used to be grade conscious. I remember being one of the top students in the class, crying over an 86/95 score in an exam. It wasn’t healthy. For me, my ultimate goal was to get good grades, and not to learn. Obviously, that’s not a good motivation.

Ask yourself again, “Why would you go to school?”

If you answered, to get good grades’, I sincerely think that it is a shallow reason.

Going back,  I got tired of it and come 3rd grade, I was not included in the honor list.


For a 9 year – old, the world shattered.

And then 4th Grade Started 

For some reason, I felt that I was quite mature for my age. At the age of 10, I told myself that I wouldn’t force myself to get high grades. Instead, I decided NOT to stress myself on academics and just focus on things where I am good at.

I was good at speaking and singing. I have bagged awards year after year (and I think my batchmates were already tired of hearing me sing). Kasi even the national anthem during the flag ceremony, ako na yung kumakanta!  Anyway, I even represented my school in big speaking competitions and won. Trust me, it wasn’t your usual competition where you’d already know your standing. It was hard and it was months of preparation. I knew I was good at it, so I worked my arse!  Yabang noh?

Point is, I knew back then that the school is much more than Science and Math or whatever subjects we had. I was a firm believer that we have different kinds of intelligence. Mine was a bit more on the artsy side, you know – music, linguistic and interpersonal intelligence. Sometimes I wonder why I got in the Science Curriculum section. Brad, yung mga classmates ko sobrang talino! Haha

I don’t want to make this post very long because I have a call in 30 minutes and I need to finish my reports. Again, I’ve seen parents getting sad because their kids were not able to make it in the top list. But for me, we have to show them that grades are not the gauge for success. You have to set an example that you believe in them, regardless if they get a 100 or a 75.  For me, the traditional schools can measure a minute part of one’s intelligence. But boy, the world is so big and your kids have so much to offer.



From there, see which areas your kids are good at. Then hone it.

Imagine this, they are improving their skills, while enjoying their childhood. Don’t torture them by feeding things which they are not yet ready to swallow. Although, I suggest that you help them create a study habit. Ah, which reminds me, can you help me with this one?

From your young WAHM, Love you, moms!


How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Broken Heart


Don’t get me wrong ok? I’m not broken – hearted. In fact, I’m pretty much in love with God, myself and my kids. I’m taking a rest from this dating game because I would like to be the best version of myself when the right one comes along.

Anyway, this post is meant to entertain only. Walang basagan ng trip pwede? Minsan lang ako magkaroon ng more than 1 hour of free time from work, so might as well do something creative. Ready?

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Broken Heart

1. Don’t listen to ‘senti‘ songs – Music is too darn powerful. Kung bet mo ibuhos ang mga luha mo kasabay ng araw ng mga puso, e di push mo yan. Pero if you want to spare yourself from having eye – bags, pwede ba ate – IBAHIN MO PLAYLIST MO!

2. Please lang, huwag ka muna mag Facebook (or any other social – media for few days) – Huwag mo patayin ang sarili mo sa inggit. Magbasa ka ng libro, or di kaya you pumunta ka sa mga isolated na lugar – yung sure ka na walang couples. In short, stay at home brad. STAY AT HOME!

3. Manuod ka ng horror or siguro action, pwede na din ang sci – fi, basta walang kissing scenes! – The key is to divert your attention. Sayang wala ng rentahan ng betamax noh? Pero dude, check online for movies na bakbakan. Or di kaya yung mga suspense. Pasakitin mo ang puso mo sa ibang dahilan!

4. Magluto ka at kumain sa bahay nyo – Sabi ko sayo stay at home ka muna e, tapos mag ala – chef kuno ka muna at magluto sa bahay nyo. Kahit di ka marunong, i – push mo yang perfect corned – beef mo! Or maybe, get that microwavable popcorn para partner na ng movie marathon.

5. Padala ka ng flowers and chocolates sa sarili mo – Ayaw mo talaga paawat, sige regaluhan mo sarili mo ng bulaklak or chocolates. Gandahan mo ang dedication ha. Lagay mo, “You made the right decision!”  Kasi bes, mahalin mo naman muna ang sarili mo! Wag kang ano – kaya ka inaano!

Enough of my sarcasm, in reality, you don’t have to be bitter. I would like to think that Valentine’s Day isn’t only for romantic love.

It’s for all kinds of love.

Celebrate it with family, friends and even your colleagues. Or if you want to be on you own, that’s probably a great idea too. If you ask me, I love to travel when I need to mend a broken heart. And no, I don’t take loads of photos. Instead, I embrace the new environment and use the time to keep things in perspective.

Alam nyo, sa isang banda, ok din ang masaktan. Kasi doon ako naging mas malakas, doon ako mas naging matalino sa buhay. Sabi nga nila, kung ano ikinatalino ko sa acads, siyang kinatanga ko sa pagibig (although hindi naman ako super talino talaga – haha!)  Pero hindi naman siguro pagiging tanga ang pagmamahal. Slight, pero hindi totally ano?

Sa totoo lang, I couldn’t give you advice on love. Putek, romantic love life ko nga zero ngayong taon.  Pero siguro gusto kong sabihin na, hindi lang dapat nakadepende ang saya ng puso mo sa iisang tao. Madami ang nagmamahal sayo – baka this time, sila naman ang pagtuunan mo.


I’ll Be Back Soon – I Promise

I can’t explain how busy I am right now. By far, this is my ‘busiest’. To be honest, I sometimes doubt myself if I can still handle things (work and personal life). But nah, the fighter in me would always win. Maybe I am just in that ‘adjustment’ phase and probably I need to wake up earlier to finish my tasks.

Nevertheless, I thank God for all the opportunities. Maybe He is trying to pre – occupy my days so that I won’t have to think much of things that can bring me down.

To this single mom, go fight!

I’ll be back blogging or vlogging, whichever comes easier. For now, damn I need to finish reports.

Love you!