I’m 28, Saying Goodbye to Broken Relationships and Welcoming Maturity

So yes, I turned 28 yesterday and I threw a simple party for my family.

If you have watched my video, you’d see me teary – eyed because I feel so blessed, not with tangible things but something even better. I think God has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my kids, while increasing my income month after month (not to mention multiple travel opportunities I had last year).

Again, my life isn’t perfect. I am still searching for a lifetime partner. But that doesn’t mean I’m sad or frustrated. Today, I decided to let go of someone who has been a part of my life for the past  years. I did it with a very heavy heart, but I know it was the best choice for the both of us. Wag na kayo magisip kung sino, but I had a special relationship with ‘Voldemort’ – kasi ang peg nya ‘He – Who – Must – Not – Be – Named’. 

Not just about within the confinements of love, but I now believe that if there are certain things that isn’t working out good and that you just feel negatively over it, you might have to reconsider parking it until such time that you can have a better solution – or just leave it and move on.

I guess, you can say I matured a bit given all the experiences life threw at me, and for now I am focused on being a mother and an entrepreneur, doing crazy things to earn more – and possibly pay it forward to other people.

This is BA,  your YMommyB – 28 (not so young in number, but definitely young at heart!)


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