A Short VLOG from a WAHM while stuck in Traffic!

Because sometimes, I  get too bored when driving alone. Here’s how you can be a WAHM! Learn how to negotiate with your bosses. Enjoy. Please don’t forget to subscribe.


Busy B! Here’s my VLOG!

Yeah, so I haven’t been posting for quite some time because I’ve got tons of things to  do. I’m working things out with a new employer and I might leave the country for work next month. That’s why I decided to create my own VLOG!  It’s not much – for now, but I’m planning to make short snippets of my life.  CHECK THE LINK  – please!

I talk faster than I write – that’s for sure. I’ve got ZERO subscriber for now! HAHA!

Check out my random thoughts and sometimes, song covers.

P.S. I will still try to write. It’s in my system!

Love lots,

Mommy B