Struggles of Being a Young Mom in the Philippines

I am a self- confessed Cosmo.PH reader and I always see these ‘Struggles of [insert whatever]’ articles. It’s fun to read, right?  And that’s when it hit me. I can make my own list of ‘Struggles of Being a Young Mom in the Philippines’.  These are based on my personal experiences, and of course, some were stolen from my hot momma friends out there.

Let's do this. Young moms.
Let’s do this. Young moms.

Friends, I will try to sound ‘Cosmo.PH – ish’ so bear with me. This post will contain a mix of Tagalog, English, jargon and a bucket of sarcasm. Do not get offended! I repeat, DO NOT GET OFFENDED.  But don’t worry, I’ll try to give my ‘good’ responses too.

Ready? I’m sure young moms can relate.

  1.  “Ang aga mo naman naglandi?”

Landi agad? Can’t it be, I was in love, we made love, I got pregnant?  Judgemental nito. Malinis ka?

The good ‘BA’ in me will respond : “I wouldn’t say ‘landi’. I just chose to continue this. I’ve been hearing a lot of abortion stories. That’s worse di ba? This is a gift. It just so happens that I got mine earlier than most people. Besides, pag laki nito – tropa kami! Cool. ”

Ewan ko lang kung hindi pa tumiklop yang ateng na yan!

2. “Hindi kayo gumamit ng contraceptive?”

“Teh, hindi ba obvious?”  

The good ‘BA’ in me will respond : “I’m glad we didn’t. Oh tignan mo naman mga anak ko, pang commercial mowdels. ”

3. “Bakit gumigimik ka pa? Sino nagbabantay sa mga anak mo?” 

“Bawal? Sino may sabi? Ay ano, kelangan magkulong ako sa bahay? Yung totoo, kailan ka ba ipinanganak – kanina lang?”

The good ‘BA’ in me will respond : “Not really gimik, but it’s part of my job being in sales. I have to mingle with people. Besides, I’m very lucky my parents are there for me. Hindi naman gimik ang pinunta ko dito, baka makabenta pa ako ng bahay sa inyo. Chos! Saka beh, kagagaling ko lang sa meeting, dinner lang pinunta ko dito – hindi beer. Pero sige, CHEERS!”

Disclaimer : Friends, hindi naman sa lahat ng oras bebentahan ko kayo ng bahay. Don’t worry. Minsan nasisingit ko lang. Naiintindihan nyo naman diba? Laban –  para sa ekonomiya! 🙂 Makakatulong pa kayo sa mga anak ko. Don’t forget to like my REAL ESTATE PAGE.  Sorry na.


4. “Ang bata pa ng mga anak mo, sa bahay ka na lang muna. Wag ka muna magtrabaho”

“Ever heard of work – from – home jobs? Libre kita, gusto mo?  ”

The good ‘BA’ in me will respond : “Thank you for your concern, pero I’m working from home. I just go out if I have client meetings. Again, I’m lucky to have supportive parents. Pero I can bring my kids with me. Minsan lang naaawa ako sa bus ride nila.”

Yes, I work from home and I have like what, 4 jobs – and counting. Pwede ba?

5. “Nanay ka na, ganyan pa ang suot mo?” 

“E bakit ikaw, ang losyang mo?”

Because moms can look this good! Oh, I smell insecurity over there. Maalingasaw na!

The good ‘BA’ in me will respond : “Thank you” ganyan lang kasimple,  and then I will walk away with all smiles. Let her see how people turn their heads to have a second glance.

6.  “So kelan ka ikakasal?” 

Ate Jodi, pahiram ng line ha. “E kayo, kelan kayo mamamatay?”

The good ‘BA’ in me will respond : “My priority right now are my kids.”

Oh pak! Pang Ms. Universe.


Dear young moms, I’m sure you have heard one of these statements from other people. In this world, there are some  who are insensitive. You can’t blame them. Sometimes, we are judgmental too. Tigilan mo na yan, please.  😉

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about how they talk or how they think. We have different upbringing and environment and that may have affected our behavior.  What you can control is HOW YOU RESPOND to those. Keep calm and classy, and just shove it off.

You are beautiful, you are responsible, and not all young people can carry the weight of responsibility we have right now. From one young mom to another young mom – Congrats, and you are doing a great job!  

Teh, inggit lang yang mga yan kasi sa PTA meetings tayo ang pinaka PAK! Ganern.

Love lots,

Young Mommy BA



5 thoughts on “Struggles of Being a Young Mom in the Philippines

  1. I remember when I was pregnant. Yeah I was 17 then and someone who is a member of CFC asked me, “Pano ka nabuntis?”, I smiled at her and politely answered “Holy Spirit po.” My aunt can’t help but laugh at her.

    Another instance was, my ex (the father of course) and his family came to talk about plans for us. While discussing about marriage, (because ex is a member of INC and my family is Roman Catholic) the talks were kinda awkward, so I voiced out my thoughts saying “Ayoko po ikasal.”, my family was shocked. My grandma asked me why, and I told them “Ayoko po tapusin buhay ko.” And it’s the best decision ever!

    Oh God I have so many stories you can compile. Struggles of teenage pregnancy when you live in the province. Lols!


  2. I myself is a young mom, getting pregnant at just 17. Lahat ata yan narinig ko, pwera yung sa bahay muna ko. Kelangan kumayod agad para sa ekonomiya e. Hehe. Glad to have bumped into your blog. Pangarap ko maging wahm 🙂


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