Young Mommy BA’s Hong Kong Adventure

A month ago, I was sent to Hong Kong to attend the RISE Conference for PeN Chat (you can find out what happened in the event by checking the app’s blog). But this is not about RISE conference, nor PeN,  but a quick glimpse of what happened to us during our stay.

Anyway, it was a 3 – day event and my boss and friend, Cha, decided to spend the weekend before we submerge ourselves at work. We didn’t plan anything because we wanted to try a ‘just – go – with – the – flow’ kind of travel. My gosh, it was a mixture of ups and downs, some hellish blisters and some crazy gate crashing adventures!

13327638_246244692411834_7289356581097092553_n 13312879_246244575745179_8368680757714853383_n

Train Adventure

On our way to Hong Kong, we were bringing large bags to accommodate all PeN’s merchandise. And boy, was I glad to be working out days before our travel. My arms survived.  I mean, transferring from one train to another can be tiring – most especially if you are carrying more than 20kgs. weight!

Getting Lost

The price of not preparing.  If you ask me which streets I went to in Hong Kong, for crying out loud – go ask someone else. We walked for hours, under the heat, going to – we don’t even know. Glad we did it though because we were able to crash a Chanel party. 🙂 Getting lost isn’t bad after all.

Experiencing the Tram

I really wanted to experience Tram because I’ve been reading about the Trams in Lisbon. Since I couldn’t go there yet, might as well try it in Hong Kong. We tried it at night and we didn’t have any destination at mind. We were just so glad you can easily see the train stations and decided to hop off when we satisfied our craving for a Tram Adventure

Eating the Local Food

Because we were on a tight budget, we chose the local eateries. Good think I love Chinese food. 🙂 But there was this instance that I put too much chili sauce on my rice and got sick afterwards! Oh, that’s part of the adventure.

Eating at the Finest Restaurants

But of course, we experienced some posh adventures since our boss from Sweden would always invite us for dinner at the finest restaurants. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos. Nevermind – the memories will stay inside my heart, hopefully not on my hips. Darn, I gained pounds from that vacation.

You know what’s funny, few months ago – I made a Dream Board which has ‘travel’ in it. Every day I would envision myself riding in planes and visiting other places. Lo and behold, I got most of my trips for free. LAW OF ATTRACTION at its finest.



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