Why Happy Mother’s Day is HAPPY?

Last weekend, the world celebrated Mother’s Day.  My friends and relatives sent me their messages and it felt nice. But what stopped me was when my daughter asked me this, “Mom, why is Happy Mother’s Day – HAPPY?” It sounded funny but it made a lot of sense and that gave me an idea for this post.


Mother’s Day is Happy because —- most of the time we get a day – off. But no, this post isn’t about the day per se, but the reasons why it’s FUN to be a MOM.

You’d have a Better Perspective in Life 

Having kids will help you become more optimistic. You try to shoo away negative thoughts, simply because you want your kids to see the beauty in everything – at least when they are still kids.  🙂

You Become More Courageous

When you become a mom, it automatically levels up your courage. It’s as if you can do anything to protect your kids. It’s as if you can literally block a bullet just to save the little ones.

You Become Selfless 

When I was younger, I would spend my money on clothes or other personal things. But now, all my wants will go to the last of my shopping list. Of course the necessities like milks and diapers will always be on the top. But you know, I’d rather buy a cute dress for my daughter or a new toy for my son rather than have new shoes for myself. Surprisingly, I don’t feel bad about it. In fact, it feels the other way around. Maybe that’s really how it goes, right? You can’t be happy if what you are doing is solely for yourself. But if you do things for other people, and you see that you are sharing the happiness, then that doubles that feeling. I hope I am making sense.

Gives More Meaning to Your Life 

You see, when you are working and your motivation is for other people, that gives more meaning to your life. And that pushes you even more. The fact that someone will be affected by your actions is also the reason you always want to be at your best.

I am not saying that you can only have the above improvements in your life when you become a mom.  I think all turning points in life will have its own contribution. But for me, I had these changes when I started growing my baby bump.

Now tell me yours?


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