What did I Learn a Month After I Moved In

It’s been weeks since I updated my blog. You can say my hands are full – and I mean REALLY full. I’m just glad I can squeeze this tonight.

So, some of you might want to ask what happened to me a month after I decided to live on my own. Surprisingly, 1 month taught me some valuable lessons. Let’s cut this blah and start, ok?


When you live on your own, you will never stop thinking about your recurring bills. I have my rent, groceries, phone bills, credit card and the list goes on. You know what I did? I created an Excel file to monitor all my expenses. It works! I can say that when it comes to finances or dealing with money, I am now more matured and smart in making purchases. I only buy what is practical and I can now control my impulse.  It’s quite ironic that I can save more now. Perhaps, it’s because I am more cautious. When I was still living under my parents’ roof, I would spend my money on gimmicks or shopping. Thinking about it, I was sooooo lost back then! Don’t you think?

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I am proud to say that I can cook (not good I might add). 🙂 But it is fulfilling to see that I’m feeding my kids with something that I worked hard for. The burns are all worth it. It’s funny though because my parents would tease me every now and then if we are still eating hotdogs, or spam. Mind you, I can already cook spaghetti and Pork Nilaga. Thank you Google!


Would you believe me if I say that I clean my house almost every day? I would sweep and mop the floor. I would brush the tiles. I would wipe the stairs. I would wash the dishes… again, the list goes on.

It’s far from what I was accustomed to. But it feels good – even if there’s an obvious change in my hands. Oh dear callouses!

Being a Parent

When I moved out from our ancestral house, I knew I had to adjust my parenting style. To be honest, it’s hard to monitor my kids most especially that I’m a work – from – home – mom. One minute they are just playing in their ‘playroom’ (yes, I made one for them so they can stop making a mess in other parts of our house), and the next they would be running outside with their friends! However, I feel that we are now more connected and that we are closer. Although, they sometimes sleep at my parents house because 1) cable TV and 2) aircon. 🙂 Two things which I have no plans of getting!

There you have it. 🙂 I guess I can make another post about the changes I underwent as a parent when I decided to live on our own. What do you think?


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