The Young Mom’s First Summer Party #‎CosmoSummerPH2016‬

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Did I tell you that my University life was boring? If you are going to compare it with the ‘cool’ clique, that is. It was more of a ‘school  – dorm – school – dorm’ kind of life except for occasional ‘dates’ with my then boyfriend. It was my choice by the way because I needed to maintain my grades as I was an Academic Scholar for multiple semesters. OK, it is safe to say that I was a geek  – or maybe I still am. 🙂

So when Cha invited me for #‎CosmoSummerPH2016‬ last March 19 at The Palace Pool Club,  I immediately said yes. She also invited Carie (a very close friend and my travel buddy) and Chessi (a mestiza who made our BGC walk more interesting – details later 🙂 ) Hey, it’s not everyday that you’d get an invite from one of your favorites reads. Plus, this is a totally new experience for me. I freed my schedule and felt giddy (yes, so highshool).

First thing that came to my mind? WHAT WILL I WEAR? 

You know I’m a thrift- spender right? There are times that I wanted to change my blog name to ThriftyMomma *winks*. But anyway, I didn’t want to buy expensive clothes for the event so I just wore this:

(1) Top : 85 PHP from the Public Market  (2) Pants : From my Mom  (3) Nude Sandals : PHP 120 from the Public Market 😀 My cab fare was more expensive!

We came at around 4PM and I fell in line with so much expectations from the event. Or maybe I was thinking about the Cosmo Bash where girls would go ga-ga over the perfectly chiseled abs of hunky male species.

Most of the invitees looked chic for the event. 🙂
The set – up was quite inviting. But I guess we came too early because it wasn’t jam – packed at that time.


Carie, Chessi and Cha. Oh my gosh! And I’m the only one with a name that starts with ‘B’. Also, what sets me apart from them is that these girls are quite obsessed with neat eyebrows. I am so not gonna do it girls! Not when the trend of bushy eyebrows is still here!
We found a good spot to drink. But quite frankly, we were getting bored at this time. It was already 5 or 6PM  and all we did was took photos here and there. We asked, “Will there ever be a program?”
One of the event’s sponsors – KojieSan SunBlock

It was around 7:00 PM when they started to fire the event with games sponsored by Okomato Condom and KojieSan SunBlock. These were kinky games so I’d rather have it not posted here. 😉  Ok, you got me there. I forgot to take photos because I was busy watching them play . You can check Cha and Chessi’s blogs if you want to know what I mean.

Palmolive and Wella were there too. In fact, Carie won some goodies from Wella. That lucky dudette. She’s been winning for 2 days straight (the other one was from the company we work for).

Since the event started late, our tummies were not prepared for it. After a couple of games, we all decided to just leave and eat somewhere ‘near’ and ‘cheap’. That’s quite challenging when you are in BGC ha!

Side story: We were walking to find a place to eat when suddenly Chessi blurted out something like, “Ano ba kuya, sunod ka ng sunod. Kanina ka pa.” We turned around and saw a man (maybe in his late 20s following us). Good thing there was a construction site with a guard and that made us feel safer. After that incident we talked about our own experiences, specifically the times when we became victims of ‘catcallers’ and ‘maniacs’. Maybe I should post something about it soon. 

We reached ARMY NAVY and alongside the yummy treats, we talked about random things which made us forget about time. I enjoyed it better than the event. 🙂

At least we’ve got balls! 🙂 Hahaha… Although, it was really hard to get off the air from these babies. Hence, the post! Pump it harder, Carie!


The event wasn’t that bad. But it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Perhaps there should be more interactive gimmicks prior the actual program. Fun games within the sponsors’ booths or even some makeover bar on the side? It was lacking  ‘spunk’, ‘spice’ and ‘fierceness’ which all Cosmo girls have. During our stay, fellow girls just took photos and selfies because… what was there to do?

If it reached our expectations, I guess we would stay longer. But we didn’t. 🙂  Again, my expectation was that of a Cosmo Bash. 🙂 So maybe I am the one to blame? No, I don’t think so.






2 thoughts on “The Young Mom’s First Summer Party #‎CosmoSummerPH2016‬

  1. Agree! I pictured the booths would be a little more interesting and interactive than just the same old photo op gimmicks. Well, it was good while it lasted. Def looking forward to better Cosmo events! But… I’m serious about the make up tuto despite you resisting eyebrow makeover! Hahahaha *peace!


    • Cheese and Rice. NOT A CHANCE. Well, not really. I’m just not used to that. Maybe Carie can be the guinea pig for this. 🙂 hahaha.. Convince me more. I’m looking forward to see your next posts.


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