Reliving the Golden Words, Philippine Proverbs Book Launch

How’s everyone doing?

Me? I’m pretty much busy with all the jobs and events that I attended last week. I can say, I am learning this juggling thing  – and it isn’t easy. But again, who’s complaining?

One of the events that I attended was Philippine Proverbs Book Launch last March 15, 2016 at Via Mare Greenbelt.


You know I’m sort of a bookworm, right? But the thing is, I don’t usually go for the ‘mainstream’ manuscripts or those that gain so much popularity. I love to read books that are fresh and unique so I can bring something new to the table when I’m having conversation with a circle. So when I got an invite for this event, I didn’t hesitate to join. Plus, it was my chance to meet other moms. So off I went to the city where mountains are replaced by towering buildings and ‘cock-a-doodle-doos’ are replaced with endless honking.

Me, the Early Bird (Just because I don’t want to get stuck in a traffic)


I was an early bird. In fact, when I reached Via Mare, they were still setting up the venue. It was fine with me because 1) I love seeing behind- the – scenes 2) it gave me a chance to personally have a small chit chat with Tahanan Books’ Publisher, Reni Roxas, who by the way looked so divine and smart (I thought, I should have ditched this rugged sneakers and opted for my decent heels) and Philippine Proverbs’ Illustrator, Eisen Bernardo.

Reni was very accommodating and we had a couple of talks and she even allowed me to browse the book. I scanned it and found familiar proverbs which my grandparents and parents used to tell us when we were younger.

You know what I love about proverbs? It’s that feeling that you have to think deeper in order to understand one. Proverbs are not straight to the point advices in life. It is sometimes ‘flowery’ which leaves us with ‘WHAT-  THE-  HELL-  WAS – IT – ALL-  ABOUT’ face? But that’s the good thing about it! There are so many interpretations but most of these interpretations are wisdom which are practical and can be used in our everyday lives. That being said, exposing yourself to proverbs does not only make you a better person – it gives way to exercise your thoughts, and that is the fun part.

Sad to say, kids today aren’t really much interested on knowing these proverbs. Most of the time, they would rather memorize One Direction’s songs. I’m not saying their songs are bad. For crying out loud, I listen to some of the tunes too (punch me now, will you?). But you know, these proverbs were made to live for centuries – for us to remain on our grounds – for us to keep our values. And this book is becoming an instrument for that.

And then Reni had to get the book from me because according to her, she’ll use it first for her speech.  We laughed a bit afterwards and then politely left to entertain the other guests.

For someone who’s hungry for conversation, I was looking for another person to talk to. Good thing Eisen came because I just couldn’t shut my mouth for excitement. 🙂

The man behind the great illustration of Philippine Proverbs

Eisen and I are both from Laguna so I knew it would be very easy to engage in a conversation. He graduated from UPLB and I have few friends there. And you know how small the world is, right?  We have few common friends! We could talk about our friends, but of course I asked the more interesting questions.

Here are some of the tidbits.

He told me that it took him a year to finish the illustrations for the book. I have no idea if that was slow or fast, but by the looks of it – it was worth it.  He is very humble considering that he is making a name for himself in the cyber world. He makes awesome designs, really! You can easily google his works and drool over interesting and sometimes, mind – breaking works of art.

Start of the Program

The number of people are getting ‘thicker’, so it was time for him to sit on his chair.

The event started late but it was fine. After all, it gave me a chance to get to know the other mommy bloggers. We exchanged Facebook names and laughed about silly things.

It was a fun event. In fact, it was so much fun I volunteered to join a game (with other bloggers) and WON! It was sort of a ‘Guess –  the-  Drawing – Game’, which of course, related to proverbs. Can you guess this?

Guess The Picture
Aanhin pa ang damo, kung wala na ang kabayo. REALLY???

Well, it only took us 10 seconds to figure it out. We went hysterical because there is no way that drawing could be a ‘horse’. 🙂  Then I thought, our kids trained us to understand abstract drawings! *wink*

Jen, the master illustrator! Haha


A unique game of BINGO – I didn’t win though.

Yummy Treats

Merienda was served and I took small bites of EVERYTHING! Pinoy merienda at its finest, I must say. And then you know what happened next? A couple suddenly fought in front of the crowd. We tried to pretend that we weren’t noticing their feud but their voices were getting louder.

When the woman blurted a familiar ‘proverb’, I knew this was part of the act. I got my phone and started recording it because damn, these two actors were great.

Fan mode here. 🙂

After some great words from Neni Sta. Romana- Cruz and Eisen, the bloggers were given copies of the book and we had ours signed by them. While doing so, I was already imaging myself telling few of these proverbs to my kids with the hopes that they will use it as long as they live.

Philippine Proverbs is a must have for kids and also for tweens. It is about time that we relive these golden words. You have to face the fact that the younger generations do not understand and appreciate these great words which they could use to live a better life in the future. Plus, with the different dialects used in the book – I’m sure it will be even more fun and everyone will learn a lot!


I am giving the event a 4 out of 5 stars and the book a 5.5 out of 5 🙂

P.S. Here are some of the books from Tahanan Publishing which were sold at the event. You can check more from their website (Please click link) .



36 thoughts on “Reliving the Golden Words, Philippine Proverbs Book Launch

  1. The skit! I read from another blogger that the person behind the book is from Los Banos. And that skit it oh-so UPLB-ish! Hahaha!

    I hope that schools these days still teach sawikains and bugtongs to students. As a bibliophile, I thoroughly enjoyed that lesson when I was in Grade 2.


  2. It looks like a very fun event, if they’ll be organizing another one in the future I would love to join! Oh and the books, i would also love to get one for the kids, are they also available in national bookstore or just online? Thanks!


    • Hello 🙂 I’m not sure if these are available at National Bookstore. However, I’ve seen some of their notepads available in Fully Booked. So maybe they sell outside apart from the online facility. 🙂 I personally love the Spanish book. Maybe I’d get one for myself. 🙂


  3. This is interesting. I wish I could attend something like this in the near future and meet some mommy bloggers 🙂 I hope this book is available at national bookstore ‘coz i want to read it with my kids 🙂


  4. The famous horse! It was such a fun event. And thanks to Tahanan Books Manila for being too cool and allowing us moms to bring our kids. Nice meeting you there, too.


  5. One of the perks of being early at the venue is being able to take really good photos! I didn’t know that the event was upstairs, it was my first time to visit that Via Mare branch. My kids and I were already there an hour before schedule but opted to go to Powerbooks first to get a drawing book to keep them busy while I “event” haha.


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