Hotel Review – Hotel 101, Pasay Manila

My parents were not fond of staying in hotels in Manila when we were younger. The hotels I could remember are those from our out-  of – town trips.  It was only now that we appreciated ‘staycations’. In fact, if you are following my blog, you know that  we booked a room and decided to face New Year at Golden Phoenix Hotel.

Speaking of staycations, I shared my recent adventure with my kids and colleagues which you can find here.  And of course, I’m going to make my personal review of the hotel. 🙂

Here it goes.



So much space right?
And here’s the other side.

It was ok. Clean. TOO CLEAN, I might add. The space was so huge, my kids played and ran around. Mundane, perhaps? Nothing so much to see. Very basic which gave me the impression that Hotel 101 is —- basic. 🙂



The 3 rooms we got were pretty much identical. It has a Large Double Bed and a Single Bed. Based on my ‘reliable’ assumption, it can house more or less 4 people. Unless of course you are willing to squeeze. *wink* You have your own cute kitchenette with few free items and a small desk if you need to work a bit. Plus, you have your emergency light and a vault for your valuables.


Single Bed
Large Double Bed

I already mentioned the sizes of the bed so let’s just get down to the ‘feel’ of these babies.  COMFY, as usual. The mattress is just perfect –  not too soft and not too hard.

Toilet and Bath 

The blow-dryer  didn’t work. Or maybe, I don’t know how to use it. 😀
Toilet and you can have a glimpse of the sliding door

To save space (I think), they used a sliding  door for the Toilet and Bath. But to be fair, the size of the T &B is just fine with me. You can comfortably take a bath  – and sing in the shower (or take it further by doing some small silly dance steps). 🙂


Fresh, as expected.


Unfortunately, the restaurant is yet to be operational. Good thing the property is just beside Jollibee. 🙂


My kids enjoying the kiddie pool.

I actually regret not bringing a swimsuit as there is a Jacuzzi. My goodness, it could definitely cut my stress. But well, seeing my children enjoy the kiddie pool is enough for me to feel better. There’s also a bigger pool for adults and it’s decent enough to flex those muscles.


But there was one eyebrow  – raising experience at the hotel. You see,  we were allowed to eat chips near the pool area (this was our first night). Well, it has some sort of a barricade which is meters away from the pool. So technically, this was not a pool side. The morning after, the guard asked us not to drink coffee at that same area as it was prohibited. Of course I told him about the ‘last night’s’ chips and drinks shenanigans and that I had to be there for my kids, however he said that it was the management’s policy. I asked when did they start that policy and was shocked when he said, “Kanina lang pong umaga” Just this morning.

What? Next time they should put a signage.

I’m sure it wasn’t our fault. Perhaps, it was this family who decided to bring their meal minutes before we came. It was full blown meal with rice and viands and drinks. You can just imagine a picnic at your local resort – that was the scenario. So maybe that’s the reason they pulled the trigger and immediately implemented such rule. 🙂

But for coffee? Really? Isn’t it that there are cocktails and smoothies being served at the pool side (for some properties, I guess).

Rate per Night (

We had ours on a promo rate but I took the liberty of checking the rates online.

PHP 3,055 excluded of VAT and Taxes – Not bad!


It’s not much but I guess if you are looking for a place near Mall of Asia and you want to experience few and basic hotel facilities, then Hotel 101 is a good choice.

Wait, there’s more. 🙂

Hotel 101 is not just for people who are looking for a place to stay, it’s also for investors.

“You can invest by acquiring a piece of the hotel. Your owned room will be managed as part of Hotel 101 Manila, and as the owner you will have a yearly 30 days free use of the room, and enjoy your privilege in the hotel amenities and what its location can offer. Monthly, the 30% of the total gross sales less VAT will be equally divided among unit owners, and you will be paid on every 16th day after the end of each month.”  – from Hotel 101 Manila’s Website

Unit is around 3.1M PHP. You can find more information from their website.




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