Moving Out – What Pushed this Young Mommy to Cleave

“I’m moving out.”

When I told this to my relatives and friends, I received mixed reactions. Some were shocked knowing that I live comfortably under my parents’ roof. And most of them even asked me if I can do it. You can sense from their tone that they question my ability to cleave.  Quite frankly, I felt it was kind of an insult. 🙂 But of course I know that they were just concerned knowing that I was – still am – a princess in our house. Most were happy though, because finally a spoiled and sheltered mom will now be able to learn things which she should have learned years ago (examples: cooking, managing expenses, cleaning the entire house, being a full – time mom among many others).

Don’t get me wrong ok?  Modesty aside, I know a lot of things. That is if you talk to me about aliens, career, books, crimes, current events etc. But being a legit homemaker –  I’d definitely fail that test – if there is any.

Truth be told, there are sacrifices that I have to endure because of my decision to move out. I’m sure a lot have experienced this already, but I think it’s also good that I share my thoughts on this.

I might miss out on anything but let me list those issues that I am dealing with before this ‘moving out’ thing.


Of course this is an issue. Now I have to think about the monthly rent and utility bills and I have to work on a tight budget because I’m still on my way to earning at least 500,000 a month. Yes, I am claiming such. 🙂

Some of you might think that it is impractical to move out considering that I will just rent a place. But you know what, this wasn’t an act of impulse. I have carefully plotted my income and expenses months before. And for me, not everything is about money. The discipline and learning I will get from my decision to be on my own will definitely have its own reward. Automatically, I will be independent and it will result to being more responsible and resourceful, which of course I can use in the future (or maybe for the businesses I’m about to establish). Also, I will be more confident in making decisions. You see, even if I am considered an adult, I still respect my parents’ decisions knowing that I still live with them – even if some of their ideas collide with mine. At least when I move out, I’ll be able to decide on my own and be firm about it.

2. Sleeping/ Nap Time

I usually wake up at 8:00AM , and then I’d take a nap in the afternoon. Yes, I’m really a sleepyhead. Once I move out, I will have to wake up earlier than the usual to prepare breakfast. I might even shorten the nap time because, you know, I have to make snacks and cook dinner. 🙂 And of course,  I have to teach my kids their daily lessons. All that plus the multiple online jobs to fulfill.

Am I ready for the sudden shift? Yes. After all, I think I’m having too much sleep that it actually takes a toll on my body now. 🙂

3. Social Life

Do I have to explain this further? With the budget and the time that I have to work on, I might CHANGE my social life. (READ: just CHANGE not SAY GOODBYE). I have a solution for this already. 🙂

Since I’m already going to have my own place (oh goodness, it feels good to say that), I’m open to having visitors. If I can’t go out to meet them, why would that stop me from inviting them over, right? At least I can practice my cooking skill. Or as my cousin calls it – heating skill. Now that I mention it, I think my friends would just bring pizza. 😀

So what really pushed me to move out? 

You see, these sacrifices are just pretty much minute compared to what I will gain. Plus, this is also a good chance for me to become closer to my kids. Of course there will be birth pains and it can be pretty scary. But what’s the worst that could happen right?


Then I have to adjust.It’s not like I’m the first person to experience this. Look at the bright side – It would be an opportunity for me to squeeze out my resources to have money.


I might look tired?  

I think it’s all in the mind. I’ll just think of my chores as my workout. That instant glow is better than that expensive cheek tint after all.

I will miss a lot of fun? 

Nope! Rather, I will have a different kind of fun.

Oh and by the way, here are some of the shots  of my new home. 🙂 Gosh, can I say it again, MY NEW HOME.

In my next posts, I will try to give you my personal tips and tricks when you are about to move out. Plus, there are some DIYs which I am willing to share with you. 🙂

I have to go now because it’s time to scout for cool interior designs – for inspiration. Ciao.



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