Young Mommy No More?

When I started my blog, I wanted the name to reflect my current state. Hence, ‘YOUNG MOMMY BA’. And originally, I planned to run this blog for 5 years only. That would mean I would be on my early 30s  by the time I put the site down and will no longer be considered a ‘young’ mom.

But things are turning out differently. I now want my blog to live as long as I could – even if I’m already 50 or more. But of course, calling myself young at that time would be (for some) a joke.

Or will it be?

Thinking about it deeply, being young is not just about the number. It’s how you live your life. I see being YOUNG as carefree, fun, energetic, free-spirited, active and all related adjectives you can think of. As a person, I would love to live a life of a young one – regardless of my age.

So, will I stay a YOUNG MOMMY BA?

Definitely. I’m keeping it and I’ll stay that way – FOREVER.




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