I Might Have Found the Perfect App

I value ‘efficiency’. I want things done fast without of course, compromising quality. And that’s precisely what I also look for an app. I want everything I need in it. I don’t see the point of creating multiple accounts if you can have it in just one platform.

Anyway, I  bumped into a promising app which is PeN. Hopefully, it can answer my prayers. 🙂

PeN Logo
What a refreshing logo

Why did I download it? Well, you might find it shallow but the logo was just too cute to resist. Plus, it’s free so I gave it a shot.

Fortunately, few of my friends already have the app on their phones and we immediately started sending messages and calling each other. After all, I didn’t have to think about the remaining balance. FREE SMS and CALLS. That’s definitely a plus.

The downside though is that the line is still unclear. But maybe they could improve it later on.

 After that quick call, I decided to browse PeN’s features. Let me give you a quick glimpse.

Actual Screenshot
Actual Screenshot from my phone

To my surprise, you can do a lot of things with this app!

Share Photos (Feeds) 

Like most social networking sites, you can share photos with your friends. Share your kids’ milestones too.  Keep everyone updated. 🙂

Locate your Friends (PeN Spot) 

If your friends are using PeN and if their locator is ON, you can locate them and have an instant catch up – session. You deserve a break from all the mom duties after all.

Know Where to Go (Places & To – Do) 

Where to take your kids on the weekend? That’s not a problem with PeN. Just click this feature and you will be guided on things you can do – with considerations of your current location.

Emergency (Pen SOS) 

Now this is my favorite. Let’s face it – it is a jungle out there. You can instantly send an SOS as necessary. This is really important for single moms and young moms like me. HELP is just a click – away.

But of course, since this is a relatively new app, it still has to fix few technical glitches. But if done properly – trust me, I might delete most apps from my phone and just stick to this one.


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