Know One of the Young Mom’s Secrets – Why I Survived These Years

“Ang galing mo. Sobrang madiskarte ka.”

After leaving my desk job and re-inventing myself as a ‘stay-at-home-working/entrepreneur-mom’ (geez, that was long), I often hear other people say that they admire me for taking such risks and surviving the year without an 8 – 5 work, and on top of that, they say I am looking better. I just have to say that (my apologies haha)! Now I’m thinking, do I looked so much stressed when I was still behind the desk? 🙂

You see, I fairly believe that motherhood can give one that instant glow. Well, after the ‘diaper- changing’ and ‘sleepless nights’ phase – that is. 😀 Trust me, if you still look good during those stages, you are definitely one of the #blessed women

It can be a challenge to change diapers. 🙂 You just have to learn how to treat it as a ‘game’ with your baby.

Now, let’s get back on track before I lose it again.

It is true that I am quite resourceful and nothing short of being a legit ‘raketera’. That’s precisely the reason why I survived for the past months. I have multiple online jobs, I’m practicing my license as a Real Estate Broker, and I also do freelance speaking tasks on the side! (And, let’s set the record straight. The kids are financially supported by their father and that took a load off from my chest)

Yes, I am busy with multiple jobs and businesses that I intend to start by the year. And that may have wowed few of my friends. While I appreciate what other people perceive of me, I’m not the one who should take all the credits.

They say I am a Super Mom. But you know what, I am just an apprentice of the real Super Mom. My Mama. My Stay – at – Home Mom (SAHM)!

In a nutshell, it is never easy to become a SAHM. It is not easy to become my mom or anyone who gave up their own dreams just so their kids can live theirs! But let me give you a piece of my story to further prove my point.

Backtrack a bit, shall we?

My mom took Civil Engineering back in college, and she actually aced her way through out of it. You see, with her brains and charm (yes, she was and still is a head- turner), she can get into a nice firm easily. But she opted not to. She sacrificed everything to take care of me and my brother.

We were not used to having house helpers. I can’t even remember the time that I had a nanny. It was all my mama. You know, she’s the stereotypical mom who cooks, washes the dishes, cleans the house yada… yada…yada, but she did it with so much grace and class. And to top it all off, she was there in all my academic and extra – curricular activities. She would be there during my singing and speaking competitions. She would always buy the best clothes so I will stand out in my petty battles. And when I joined theater, she would be there to bring all my costumes. My mama was my makeup artist, my personal assistant, and my number 1 fan. So I think again, SAHMs are more than just moms who did most of the house chores. Indeed, they are always at HOME (or wherever their family is).  Don’t you think? She did practically EVERYTHING for me and my brother – until now actually. 🙂

A hands-on mother!

This is something I am still learning. And it isn’t a walk in the park, I’m telling you. It requires to be selfless and massive sacrifices has to be made. Only those with huge hearts can leave the dreams they built for years in order to create one for other people. That alone deserves a medal.

Come to think of it, some of us wanted to become doctors, lawyers, teachers among many other professions. We prepared ourselves to work our butts off just so we can reach our career goals. SAHMs decided to forgo theirs and they did so without expecting anything in return. The mere sight of their kids’ achievements (big or small) is more than enough for them.

Years ago, I would look up to moms who would wear their office suits while driving their kids to school. Media showed me that these women are so powerful!

This is of course, true. 🙂  I still look up to them but I have to salute the unsung heroes of the family – the moms who smelled like freshly sautéed onions, the moms who redirected their dreams so they can fulfill others, the moms who didn’t have titles in the corporate world but hold multiple positions at home (cook, doctor, teacher, counselor, helper, dishwasher, fan – I can fill up a page for this). In my case, my SAHM is one of the reasons I can do multiple jobs and she’s also the reason I wanted to stay at home for the kids. Thank heavens for technology, you can be both in today’s age.

To our SAHMs, especially to my mom, who still prepares my hot water in the morning and extended her duties to my kids – you will forever be my role model. It is nearly impossible to become you, but aiming to be one and working on it every day will change my motherhood level from zero – to hero! 🙂

So was it all me? The young mom who has multiple jobs and working her way to the top? Nah… I’m actually using a strong foundation called my Mama.And that my friends, is one of my secrets.

P.S. I’m not sure if she will be able to read this. She’s probably busy listening to the radio. 🙂




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