Young Mommy No More?

When I started my blog, I wanted the name to reflect my current state. Hence, ‘YOUNG MOMMY BA’. And originally, I planned to run this blog for 5 years only. That would mean I would be on my early 30s  by the time I put the site down and will no longer be considered a ‘young’ mom.

But things are turning out differently. I now want my blog to live as long as I could – even if I’m already 50 or more. But of course, calling myself young at that time would be (for some) a joke.

Or will it be?

Thinking about it deeply, being young is not just about the number. It’s how you live your life. I see being YOUNG as carefree, fun, energetic, free-spirited, active and all related adjectives you can think of. As a person, I would love to live a life of a young one – regardless of my age.

So, will I stay a YOUNG MOMMY BA?

Definitely. I’m keeping it and I’ll stay that way – FOREVER.




Kabayan Hotel Pasay ‘Kapsule’ – Review

Last weekend, I was invited to attend a corporate  gathering and I thought it would be the best time to try out Kabayan Hotel’s Kapsule.

There are 3 reasons why I chose the property.

  1. My event was held few minutes away from the location.
  2. I did not want to spend thousands for an accommodation, most especially that I was on my own.
  3. I was intrigued by these capsules which I’ve seen a number of times on T.V.

So I did.

I lived in Pasay area for months and like most places in the metro, it was a bit chaotic – far from my life here in the province. The location of Kabayan Hotel was no exception to this (347 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila). Plus, the hotels/ motels nearby are known to host couples wanting to ‘release’ – whatever it is to be released (you do get what I mean, right). In other terms, ‘pang – shortaym’ ba. 🙂  With that image in my mind, I already pictured Kabayan Hotel as a bit dark, a bit stinky, a bit dirty – CHEAP. But I was wrong. It was way more than what I expected.


You can access FAST wi-fi practically anywhere in the hotel.




The lobby was clean and everyone was accommodating. There were backpackers, foreign couples and OFWs. Quite frankly, it was a DECENT place to stay. And you know what I liked about it, I spent less than 5 minutes in the concierge. Off I went to the room as I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Kapsule Room 

You have to take off your shoes. I felt that I was back in Japan 🙂




Looks small? Surprisingly it was comfortable.
Apart from your own face-mirror, you have your own light, a fan,  and power sockets inside the capsule. 🙂 

If you are not claustrophobic, the size shouldn’t bother you at all. In fact,  I was able to move and goofed around inside the capsule. Do you want proof? Here’s my IG post about it (don’t forget to follow).


Since it is a shared room, you have to be cautious. You have to be considerate and please try to avoid making  loud noises. In my case, I think my room mates took this too far because the silence was deafening! By the way, I shared the room with foreigners as I couldn’t understand their language. But my guess is that they were from Malaysia or Singapore. I wanted to talk to them, but they were kind of aloof. 🙂

If you want a bit of privacy, you can just shut your blinds.

Just a piece of advice, try not to imagine a horror movie while inside the capsule. I was so stupid for imagining some sort of killer just outside my capsule ready to stab me right away! Not a good thought!


You can find your linens inside your locker. They were absolutely clean and fresh! You will be provided with a pillow, a blanket and a towel. However, you need to have your own set of toiletries, which is fine with me. I wasn’t able to bring mine but there’s a grocery mart across the hotel so it was a breeze for me to buy stuff.

Toilet and Bath

There are 2 T&Bs inside the room. That being said, you don’t have to worry about who’s going to use the loo first. I inspected both and find it clean.


Pinoy Breakfast, of course!

Nothing special about the food. It was your usual ‘tapsilog’ – enough to kick off your day.


PHP 750 (with breakfast)


Will I come back? YES. With that rate and convenience I had, I will definitely book again.


I Might Have Found the Perfect App

I value ‘efficiency’. I want things done fast without of course, compromising quality. And that’s precisely what I also look for an app. I want everything I need in it. I don’t see the point of creating multiple accounts if you can have it in just one platform.

Anyway, I  bumped into a promising app which is PeN. Hopefully, it can answer my prayers. 🙂

PeN Logo
What a refreshing logo

Why did I download it? Well, you might find it shallow but the logo was just too cute to resist. Plus, it’s free so I gave it a shot.

Fortunately, few of my friends already have the app on their phones and we immediately started sending messages and calling each other. After all, I didn’t have to think about the remaining balance. FREE SMS and CALLS. That’s definitely a plus.

The downside though is that the line is still unclear. But maybe they could improve it later on.

 After that quick call, I decided to browse PeN’s features. Let me give you a quick glimpse.

Actual Screenshot
Actual Screenshot from my phone

To my surprise, you can do a lot of things with this app!

Share Photos (Feeds) 

Like most social networking sites, you can share photos with your friends. Share your kids’ milestones too.  Keep everyone updated. 🙂

Locate your Friends (PeN Spot) 

If your friends are using PeN and if their locator is ON, you can locate them and have an instant catch up – session. You deserve a break from all the mom duties after all.

Know Where to Go (Places & To – Do) 

Where to take your kids on the weekend? That’s not a problem with PeN. Just click this feature and you will be guided on things you can do – with considerations of your current location.

Emergency (Pen SOS) 

Now this is my favorite. Let’s face it – it is a jungle out there. You can instantly send an SOS as necessary. This is really important for single moms and young moms like me. HELP is just a click – away.

But of course, since this is a relatively new app, it still has to fix few technical glitches. But if done properly – trust me, I might delete most apps from my phone and just stick to this one.

Know One of the Young Mom’s Secrets – Why I Survived These Years

“Ang galing mo. Sobrang madiskarte ka.”

After leaving my desk job and re-inventing myself as a ‘stay-at-home-working/entrepreneur-mom’ (geez, that was long), I often hear other people say that they admire me for taking such risks and surviving the year without an 8 – 5 work, and on top of that, they say I am looking better. I just have to say that (my apologies haha)! Now I’m thinking, do I looked so much stressed when I was still behind the desk? 🙂

You see, I fairly believe that motherhood can give one that instant glow. Well, after the ‘diaper- changing’ and ‘sleepless nights’ phase – that is. 😀 Trust me, if you still look good during those stages, you are definitely one of the #blessed women

It can be a challenge to change diapers. 🙂 You just have to learn how to treat it as a ‘game’ with your baby.

Now, let’s get back on track before I lose it again.

It is true that I am quite resourceful and nothing short of being a legit ‘raketera’. That’s precisely the reason why I survived for the past months. I have multiple online jobs, I’m practicing my license as a Real Estate Broker, and I also do freelance speaking tasks on the side! (And, let’s set the record straight. The kids are financially supported by their father and that took a load off from my chest)

Yes, I am busy with multiple jobs and businesses that I intend to start by the year. And that may have wowed few of my friends. While I appreciate what other people perceive of me, I’m not the one who should take all the credits.

They say I am a Super Mom. But you know what, I am just an apprentice of the real Super Mom. My Mama. My Stay – at – Home Mom (SAHM)!

In a nutshell, it is never easy to become a SAHM. It is not easy to become my mom or anyone who gave up their own dreams just so their kids can live theirs! But let me give you a piece of my story to further prove my point.

Backtrack a bit, shall we?

My mom took Civil Engineering back in college, and she actually aced her way through out of it. You see, with her brains and charm (yes, she was and still is a head- turner), she can get into a nice firm easily. But she opted not to. She sacrificed everything to take care of me and my brother.

We were not used to having house helpers. I can’t even remember the time that I had a nanny. It was all my mama. You know, she’s the stereotypical mom who cooks, washes the dishes, cleans the house yada… yada…yada, but she did it with so much grace and class. And to top it all off, she was there in all my academic and extra – curricular activities. She would be there during my singing and speaking competitions. She would always buy the best clothes so I will stand out in my petty battles. And when I joined theater, she would be there to bring all my costumes. My mama was my makeup artist, my personal assistant, and my number 1 fan. So I think again, SAHMs are more than just moms who did most of the house chores. Indeed, they are always at HOME (or wherever their family is).  Don’t you think? She did practically EVERYTHING for me and my brother – until now actually. 🙂

A hands-on mother!

This is something I am still learning. And it isn’t a walk in the park, I’m telling you. It requires to be selfless and massive sacrifices has to be made. Only those with huge hearts can leave the dreams they built for years in order to create one for other people. That alone deserves a medal.

Come to think of it, some of us wanted to become doctors, lawyers, teachers among many other professions. We prepared ourselves to work our butts off just so we can reach our career goals. SAHMs decided to forgo theirs and they did so without expecting anything in return. The mere sight of their kids’ achievements (big or small) is more than enough for them.

Years ago, I would look up to moms who would wear their office suits while driving their kids to school. Media showed me that these women are so powerful!

This is of course, true. 🙂  I still look up to them but I have to salute the unsung heroes of the family – the moms who smelled like freshly sautéed onions, the moms who redirected their dreams so they can fulfill others, the moms who didn’t have titles in the corporate world but hold multiple positions at home (cook, doctor, teacher, counselor, helper, dishwasher, fan – I can fill up a page for this). In my case, my SAHM is one of the reasons I can do multiple jobs and she’s also the reason I wanted to stay at home for the kids. Thank heavens for technology, you can be both in today’s age.

To our SAHMs, especially to my mom, who still prepares my hot water in the morning and extended her duties to my kids – you will forever be my role model. It is nearly impossible to become you, but aiming to be one and working on it every day will change my motherhood level from zero – to hero! 🙂

So was it all me? The young mom who has multiple jobs and working her way to the top? Nah… I’m actually using a strong foundation called my Mama.And that my friends, is one of my secrets.

P.S. I’m not sure if she will be able to read this. She’s probably busy listening to the radio. 🙂



Just Beds Hostel – Makati – Review

Last weekend I had a couple of meetings in the metro. Just so you know, my hometown is a 2 – hour drive (without the excruciating traffic) to Manila.  At first, I wanted to just bring a car but my 8:00 PM meetup with other solo – parents would mean that I’ll be staying late (I did – the meetup ended in the wee hours of the morning). Plus, I mentally calculated the expenses and realized that it would be more practical to just look for a place to spend the night.

Booking a room in a hotel even the non – famous ones would still be costly. For a thrift- spender like me, that’s a big NO!  Hence, I decided to book a bed at ‘Just Beds’. That didn’t sound right. Did it? 🙂

It was my first time to sleep in a hostel so I had no idea what to expect. I just went there knowing that the experience will surprise me – in ways I am clueless of.

Anyway, let’s have my review of the hostel.


Note : My meeting in the afternoon was near Boni MRT station and the meetup at night was at Rockwell. Just Beds was an ideal location.  

Location : 

9568 Kalayaan Avenue, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati, Philippines. You don’t have to worry even if you plan to go back late at night.  Thank heavens for the bright signage. 🙂




Price (Female Dormitory – Fan): 

When I checked in, the receptionist asked me the rate provided by So I said, it was PHP 450. Based from her reaction, I knew she was a bit shocked. I politely asked, “How much is it?” She said that the current rate is at PHP 480. Glad it was just a 3o  -peso difference, otherwise I would have protested. 🙂

Lobby : 

Just Beds’ Reception Area
Stairs 🙂 They do have an elevator, so chill.

I went there at around 1:oo PM since it was also the check in time. But upon arrival, the lobby’s lights were off and the door was closed.  Before I panicked, the guard approached me and asked if I was a tenant. I said no and cleared that I’m about to check in. He then called the staff to assist me. *Breathes*

I worried a bit by the way when the receptionist told me that they will check if there are still available rooms. In my head I was thinking, “YOU BETTER CLEAR ONE BED FOR ME, I BOOKED IT – FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” Perhaps, it is safe to assume that they don’t have direct access to Booking.Com’s transactions.

Quite frankly, it wasn’t the best start. But hey, let’s give them a chance.


I guess it was a slow day. I was alone in the room 🙂
The property is using key cards 🙂 I was expecting a conventional key. 😀

My room was pretty neat. It wasn’t that big but just enough for me to breathe. But I would appreciate if there’s a cabinet or at least a table where I can put my stuff. 🙂

I was, of course, particular with the linens. Luckily, it was fresh. It was a complete package actually (pillow, blanket, towel and toiletries).

Side Story: I had to leave immediately so I asked for my key card. They said that the boss wasn’t there yet and that they would just give it to me once I’m back. I thought, “These ladies need training.” 

Shower/ Wash/ Toilet Area: 


In a nutshell, I would say that the toilet, shower and wash areas might need some repairs. Yes, I would give them points for cleanliness. But I fairly think they need to fix the faucets, showers and the toilets. Oh, and it would help if they provide a couple of ‘pail and dipper’, specially that they don’t have bidet. 🙂

Over All: 

My stay was fair. Was my PHP 480 worth it? I guess YES. If you are a ‘cowboy’ like me, then this should do you good. After all, I just wanted a decent bed to sleep for the night. And before I forget, they also offer long – term stays. 🙂

I don’t want to spill the beans yet but I’m planning to stay in another hostel – one that offers capsule! 🙂 Let’s see if it will push through. 

The Work At Home Mom Look

Sharing my every day look at work 🙂

I’ve been a WAHM for years already. If you have been following my blog, you’d know that I started working from home years ago and then went back to the corporate world and then back to being a WAHM. 🙂 I was having – shall I say – A QUARTER LIFE CRISIS. HA!

Here’s the post by the way.

Oh, before I forget, we started a group of freelancers and work from home people which I’m going to reveal on my next posts. Until then, I’m filling up my schedule with events, meetups and training. 🙂