Random Thoughts 101 : Coping Up with Anger and Pain



In life, there are things which will surprise you. Some will bring you tears of joy, while some are of sadness. You will question God on His plans and at times, you will get mad and frustrated. But all you need to do is to keep on praying and stop forcing yourself for answers which aren’t there yet. In time, you will know why. For now, let go of the grudges, think of happy thoughts and keep moving forward. Eventually things will be better, life will be….The universe was designed for us to live a happy life. Let positive thoughts win you over. 

Last night, I was furious. But I just slept it off and felt better. I am just trying to look at the good things my future has to offer. This, and all the challenges that were thrown at me will be a part of my own book. Come to think of it, it added spices on some of my life’s dull chapters.

Until we meet again pain, you ain’t gonna win. Not now, Not ever.

(Originally posted on my facebook page)


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