Happy Birthday to Me and my Blog!

Can you imagine?

Last year I just wanted to write down thoughts, expecting nothing (well, something).

But I gained more! I met new friends, got new jobs, started small businesses. Anyway, while having a break earlier I decided to type some words – basically giving you an overview of my life as a young mom.

She became a mom at 21
She wasn’t ready – and so does everyone
She decided to leave the girl they once knew
To become a woman and a mom of 2

She doubted herself and so others too
It brought her pain
It brought her tears
But she believed she’ll always get through

She tries her hardest, even if they can’t see
What she truly desires and wishes for her kids to be
Sleepless nights and empty pockets was just a phase
Slowly she’s recovering from some unsettling rainy days

And today she turns 27
She smiles even if life is far from heaven
Why would she need to look for the sky?
When she has 2 angels here to help her get by

Happy Birthday to Me!


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