Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila – Hotel Review

Happy New Year!

For years, we have celebrated the New Year at our home in Laguna. However, things and times have changed and we decided to deviate from the tradition. Since most of my relatives wanted to celebrate New Year at their own homes in Lipa, Batangas (everyone used to celebrate it at the ancestral house in Laguna), we opted to just leave the province and my father decided to book a room at Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila.

It was a new sound to my ear and I have to admit, I had no idea that such property exists. I am no expert at doing hotel reviews and our 1 night stay might not give you a full view of what you can totally experience in the property. But heck, still hear me out as I think I have valuable insights to help you consider if it is a nice place to stay at.

Golden Phoenix 4
This is the building’s facade. There are ATMs and convenience stores at the ground floor.

My father booked through Agoda and paid around PHP 5,000. I checked now and saw these rates:

Golden Phoenix 18

And here’s the one from the hotel’s website:

Golden Phoenix 19

So apparently, we saved some bucks by booking through Agoda.


Before we checked in, I already browsed different websites and hotel review pages. Yes, I read that the hotel is near Mall of Asia (MOA), and that you can actually walk from there. To be honest, I didn’t believe it knowing that there are hundreds of bogus hotel reviews, or at some point exaggerated ones. But it was TRUE. My kids and I walked from the hotel to MOA and didn’t get exhausted. So I guess that tells you that it is REALLY near! But if you want to do some serious shopping, hail a cab on your way back. We just paid PHP 50! (It was my kids’ first time to ride a cab)

Golden Phoenix 20

Credit: Photo grabbed from Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila’s website  

Indoor Parking Space

The indoor parking space is ideal even for big vehicles. We brought our towering trusty Pajero, which by the way, doesn’t easily fit into most indoor parking spaces.

A staff will help you with your bags until you reach the elevator. Upon reaching the elevator, you will be on your own. Not that it was a bad thing as we only had few bags to carry.

NOTE: Please advise your room number because I think there are multiple entrances. We were about to reach the elevator only to find out that our room was in a different wing. 🙂  

Deluxe Twin Room

In a nutshell, it wasn’t overwhelming. It’s what you can expect from most hotels. The size of the sleeping area and the bathroom are just fine. But I have to commend the bed. Oh my word! It was so comfortable, my kids actually overslept! The floors however, had to be polished. The Wi – Fi is fast so I can recommend this if you still want to work a little on your next staycation.

In my opinion, there are some few things that went missing – or maybe I forgot to thoroughly check.

  • Laundry bag
  • Lotion (I forgot mine so I just bought a small one at the nearest convenience store – same building) 🙂

Food / Dining Area

I can’t say much about the food because I haven’t tried it. But I’d take my parents’ word for it. The breakfast was fine, the dinner was mediocre.

Golden Phoenix 8
The dining area – or my parents 😁

I went to the dining area and I felt that it was a bit disorganized. The used plates and other utensils can be seen by the guests as there was no direct access to the kitchen, I believe. It is not awfully disturbing, but it can somehow distract you.

New Year’s Countdown

We were all excited to attend the New Year’s countdown because…

1) It will be our first time to celebrate with strangers

2) Knowing that it will be on the rooftop, we can watch different fireworks display

But it rained…

We went to the rooftop but no sign of party. It was only when we bumped into someone that we found out that the venue was moved to the 2nd floor. We were a bit disappointed. I mean, they should have at least called.

Off we went to the 2nd floor and just waited for midnight to strike. Since our room was on the 6th floor, we went up and enjoyed the fireworks display. We were so lucky that our room can see the display from MOA and from random parties in Makati and Manila. 🙂

A different New Year’s Eve Celebration

Pool Area

We were so excited to take a dip because I was directly informed that it is open. But to my surprise, it is still inaccessible. Initially, I have read reviews that the pool is not yet open so I decided to send them a message prior our stay. Here’s the response I got.

Golden Phoenix 21

It was a good thing that the mall was just few minutes away. Or else, the kids will get bored to death.

Checking Out

It was January 1, so I expected that it will take some time before the concierge can accommodate all the guests who were about to check out. I was right! In fact, 2 foreigners complained about it. But most people kept their cool and tried to understand the situation. It was, after all, the start of the New Year.

Golden Phoenix
Long queues for checking out

My Verdict

It wasn’t the grandest staycation I had, but it was good. Again, the location is great because you can visit the mall while the amenities are still under construction. Speaking of which, I think it will be a better property once everything in it is fully operational. But I suggest that they keep their staff informed on which facilities can be used or not. 🙂  Plus, they need to be more organized most especially if they are going to conduct parties. Contingency plan, people!

Will I come back?

Oh yes! And this time, I’m expecting a leap on the services.

Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila is great for having small parties like bridal or baby shower, or if you just want to have a relaxing staycation that will allow you to shop a little when you need something for your small get together or simply if you get bored. 🙂

Golden Phoenix 7
And here’s my daughter’s special guest! She just can’t live without her. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila – Hotel Review

  1. Staying in a hotel just adjacent to a mall is a sure win. When anything fails, there will always be a mall you could run to for entertainment, food or just anything. When we celebrated my son’s birthday last year, we also stayed in a hotel just across a mall and we enjoyed it. Now, my son demands that we do it regularly. Hahaha.


    • I have to agree. 🙂 When you think about it, sometimes it is cheaper than having a caterer for any celebration 🙂 For sure, we’ll do it again. Happy New Year.


  2. Looks and sounds truly enjoyable. Thanks for this extensive review. As I love doing reviews for my blog myself, I’m always happy to read about a place I don’t know yet 🙂


  3. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in the same area! Specifically, we were at Movie Stars Cafe at the SM by The Bay just at the back of MOA. 🙂 This is the first time I’ve heard about this hotel though. Might be worth checking out.


    • Hey there! 🙂 Cool! We enjoyed the display from MOA! 😀 Hahaha.. You should check it out. But don’t expect too much. It’s a so – so hotel that needs improvement. But since they are just starting, I think they are doing a great job 🙂


  4. its a bit expensive ha especially considering you booked through agoda nabut i guess it could be because of the season as well? but the rooms look spacious and nice naman but i dont get how there’s no lotion with a price tag like that hehe. anyway, happy new year! 🙂


  5. Deviating from family tradition really can be difficult but it looks like you had fun. Room looks spacious naman but the room is a bit pricey especially if they are not fully operational just yet. 🙂


    • Hey there!

      The room is just ok. Average I must say. And yes, I felt it was pricey ,but given the location – pwede na din 🙂


  6. I love hotels that are located near malls as this gives you dining and recreation options. I also love hotels that give a complete set of toiletries, including lotions. I think this is something that Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila can improve at.


  7. In the MOA area we would normally stay at Microtel. Rooms facing the bay is perfect during the Pyrolympics Event. They also have regular shuttle servicea ferrying guests to MOA which is great. The price I think is more or less the same as Golden Phoenix.


    • Oh wow! That’s great. We just had a last minute booking so perhaps we missed the last room at Microtel. Maybe next time we can try it 🙂


    • Yes. The view is ok din. Bute na lang it was New Year’s eve. Otherwise, medyo boring ang view since building lang ang kaharap 🙂


  8. Just checked Golden Phoenix Manila’s website. The rooms look really classy. I’d go there for a staycation (maybe this Valentine’s Day with the hubby, hehehe) so I won’t have to be too far from my businesses.


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