What Happened to this Young Mommy a Year After She Left the Corporate Realm

It’s 4:30 AM and I couldn’t sleep. There are no good movies on TV right now so I reached for my laptop. But the thing is, I have no idea what to write. I guess I have to rely on whatever random thoughts my 4:30AM – brain could process…

Breathes heavily.

Cheese and Rice! This is harder than I thought….


It has been almost a year since I resigned from work (the office desk job). Can you really imagine that? Less than 12 months ago, I was your ‘uniform- wearing – eight – to – five’ employee. I hate to use clichés but – time flies quickly.

So what happened to me for the past months?

I’ll try to recall what I could but don’t blame me if I missed out on anything, simply because I have valid reasons.

  • I had 2 C-section operations. My memory isn’t sharp as it used to be. Haha!
  • For crying out loud, it’s 4:30AM! I should be sleeping. (Trust me, I wish I am)

OK, let me try.

When I left my corporate job last year, I was broke. You see, I was living in a ‘paycheck to paycheck’ basis. I would work for 2 weeks and then wait for my salary. Then I would settle my recurring bills (rent, phone, credit card). Sad to say, only few thousands would be left – just enough to survive until the next cycle.

It wasn’t that horrible. But I was so certain that it wasn’t the life I wanted to have.  What I experienced was far more different from what I envisioned. Just so you know, I was dreaming of a ‘sedan-driving – chic’ in the city or maybe a ‘Wrangler – driving – kick ass mom ‘ in the city. Reality check: I couldn’t afford the parking space and the gas: let alone, a new car! Plus, there are some other reasons that pushed me to leave. If you haven’t read the post, click here.

It was almost Christmas when I left. Darn it! I then questioned myself if it was a good choice. I couldn’t even buy expensive toys for my lovely kids. I had a hard time budgeting whatever was left in my wallet. But of course, these little sacrifices weighed less than the bliss I felt going back home.

For a month I was jobless.  That’s something quite challenging as I am always fueled to work. My mom had a netbook and I decided to look for a work from onlinejobs.ph. Luckily, I got one and started after my birthday. I don’t want to make this post lengthy so I’d just run down the milestones or major turning points I had for the past 11 months.

Birth of my New Blog

When my mom was at the hospital, I killed time by reading the daily newspaper. Then I found an article written by a celebrity mom. At the end of the post, she advertised her blog. You know that feeling when suddenly you get all jittery and happy at some random thoughts? At that time, I knew what I wanted for my birthday – it was a revamped blog about my experiences as a young mom. So, I deleted my old blog and started something new. Believe me, I know for a fact that bloggers could earn huge cash – but that wasn’t my purpose. As an extrovert, it was my way of telling my story – with the hopes of inspiring other young mothers.  I have few readers here and there, but you know what melts my heart? It’s when my readers send me messages on how inspiring my posts are. That’s really bigger than getting a paycheck from sponsors.  🙂

Freelance Writing Jobs

There are days when I work in malls - in my comfy shorts :)
There are days when I work in malls – in my comfy shorts 🙂

My previous online work had issues when it comes to salary, so I did what I had to do – explored my options. Luckily I found one which I have been doing since June of this year. The great thing about it is that every day I would learn something new – from SEOs to blog postings down to Twitter postings. It’s really nice. After all, I want a job that will help me grow. I don’t want something just because it pays the bills.  

Outsourced by the Former Company

I think I’ve mentioned from my old post that the company I worked for (yes, the desk job in the corporate jungle) asked me to work for them on a contractual basis. Who am I to decline, right? The job description isn’t hard and the salary pays my credit card and phone bills. 🙂  And just so you know, they renewed my contract for another year. I’m starting to believe that I did something right to receive such opportunities.  THANK YOU LORD! 

Practicing my Real Estate Profession

My license is already put into good use – finally after years of being idle! I have few agents now – some of them are already making sales. I’m also very active posting real estate advertisements online and the entrepreneurial blood in me is starting to kick in. I’m quite positive this will put more savings into my bank account. 😀


Yes, I have been travelling (both international and domestic). It was something I was not able to do when I was confined in an office. Except of course, when the company sent me to Japan. But yes, I can now travel more often. Check out few of my travel adventures –  Singapore and Ilocos.

Enjoying Mommy Duties

Lastly, and most importantly – I’m enjoying mommy duties. Of course I’m still far from your ideal mommy but slowly I’m getting there.


So, how’s your year? To summarize, mine is still doing great. It’s almost the end of 2015 and I hope you’ve bagged few milestones on the way.


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