Why this Young Mom is Fascinated with Small Homes

I’ve been in the Real Estate industry for almost 5 years. And of course, I’ve seen a lot of homes from small ones to big ones. Obviously, it’s hard not to be amazed with the mansion – like properties. Most of the time, I would imagine myself owning one of the model houses, with my kids trying to destroy all the furniture (haha). But seriously, each time I would take my client to one of those big houses, I would tour them as if it was my own home.

But this post isn’t about the majestic homes I’ve been to. As much as I love to own one, I’m really into small spaces. In fact, one of my late – night addictions is to browse different websites about designing small spaces.  Some people don’t like the idea of living ‘tiny’, but I have my own reasons which I’m going to share with you.

Easy to Clean

You know how moms tend to become ‘OCs’, right? Well, I’m not one of them. Truth be told, I’m quite messy.  But as much as possible, I don’t want to hire a helper. Maybe because I value my privacy? (This is quite ironic because here I am posting some of my daily shenanigans and thoughts – haha)

No Room for Hoarding

If you live in a small space, you will try your best to get only the essentials. There will be no rooms for ‘dust – collector’ items. And because you don’t want to clutter your small space, you stay away from impulsively buying ‘not-so-important’ things. That means more savings.

Closer Bond with your Family

I used to have a classmate who lives in a huge house and the fastest way her mom could reach out to her is by intercom. That looks cool and all, but a little bit weird if you ask me. I am still a fan of the idea of knocking at my kids’ doors, telling (sometimes yelling) to go out of their rooms for some ‘healthy’ snacks.

You Enjoy the Outdoors More

If you live in a small space, you try to maximize the outdoors. You can go to the park, or you can stay on your garden. It’s actually a nice way if you want a quick ‘breather’.

Cheaper to Maintain

With all the repairs, real estate taxes and bills in between, I don’t think I have to explain this further. 🙂

Fortunately, living ‘tiny’ is becoming a trend in the Philippines. In fact, one of the projects that I am marketing enables average – earners to purchase their own homes, without sacrificing the quality of their humble abodes.

Here are some shots from LUMINA, Lipa Batangas.

11989443_991807760878414_1113372258_o 12048484_991807724211751_1182148646_n 12068001_991807710878419_93906903_n

Photos are from a good friend of mine, Irene. 

There’s also LUMINA in San Pablo City, Laguna and model houses will be ready by the end of the year. I shall keep you posted.

Of course if given a chance to have my own mansion, by all means – I’d welcome that thought. But if small spaces could be this cute, then that’s more than enough for me.


38 thoughts on “Why this Young Mom is Fascinated with Small Homes

  1. Those were cute and fancy little spaces! My house is here in Batangas too… and as much as i wanted to make it simple and a little smaller, i’m really having a hard time moving inside small spaces (we are big people kase, lol!) But everything you said is true! Small houses compared to bigger ones are easy to clean, and cheaper to maintain.. speaking of maintenance, well, i need to prepare a big amount soon for the repainting! huhubels! 😦


  2. I thought I was weird, then I saw your reasons, which were my exact reasons for desiring to live in a small (or medium-sized) house. =) ALL of them are my reasons, too. I’m more on the practical side.


  3. Since my husband and I are both eldest child, lagi sa amin ang extended family. So we’re dreaming of a house that could somehow accommodate around 10 people. But I have to agree, the smaller it is, the better. haha.


  4. mas prefer ko nga din ang small cozy homes before. but when the kids are starting to grow, my eldest being almost as tall as me, i realized that we need bigger space na din talaga. but your reasons are just fantastic. may all families realize that whether small or big houses ang preferred nila 🙂


    • I see your point there. Lalo na pag 6 footer ang mga kids, iba na talaga 🙂 But eventually as they grow older, then will soon find their own homes 🙂 Big or small basta it’s a HOME, pwede yun 😀


  5. Small spaces are indeed very easy to maintain lalo na if you’re a young family starting. Might be a challenge though once you start having kids like us. May daughter has been hinting that she wants her own room na haha.


  6. Same here I prefer small house because its easy to clean hehehe. Actually right now we are on a big house with inlaws pero bihira kami magkita kita.


  7. i also want a simple home, with just about enough space for everything valuable in my life. Big spacious house are such a waste of space + sure are difficult to clean up. You can save loads of energy in a small space, too, as you do not have to exert much effort in jumping from one room to another


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