GUEST POST : The Fighter in Pink, What’s Your Brand?

Disclaimer: The owner of this blog only asked the guest writer to bake something that will tickle young moms. I swear I did not bribe him in any way. You can read our screenshots for proof. 🙂 

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Are we all clear now? 🙂 

Ok, enjoy reading! 


Being in the industry I am currently working for, encourages me to look at things (and people) as a brand. I learned to understand how important it is to have that one unique identity that would set you apart from the rest of the products within your market. That being said, I eventually figured out what kind of brand I am. I want to believe that I am ” that kid from the highlands”. Someone who is able to walk in the urban jungle without forgetting his provincial roots. That is basically who I am…

But this entry is not really about me. This is about a person whom I want to call as the “Fighter in Pink”. That’s her brand, I think…..

Every brand identity must have a strong persona backed-up by a relatable story others can view as part of their own.  The “Fighter in Pink” definitely got it. Let me tell you who she is!

A fighter in pink is not afraid to cry. But…….

Yes! everyone has the right to cry whenever they want. To be honest, this fighter in pink cries a lot. She got hurt, she stumbled,she crashed through roadblocks and passed through humps. (literally and figuratively). But after all those cringe – worthy moments, she was able to step out of her room and face  the world again, even when a tear is still trapped in her eyes. She can’t be perfect; she will never be. Even when the rest of the world wants her to be one, she just doesn’t care because what she can do is to work with her imperfections.

The fighter in pink knows when to be a biatch, and….

Let us give the  word “biatch” a good meaning here,friends! Let me just clear that she is not your ‘war – craving, mean – slapping girl’ you hated. She is a biatch when the time calls for it. She would just not let anyone ruin what she is trying to build for herself and for the people she cares for. What sets her a part from all the biatches around? She won’t do it in stilettos; she will fight wearing her good old ballet flats.

The fighter in pink knows speed, but she still have to learn timing.

Literally, she grew up in an environment where speed matters a lot. It’s just in her blood. She wants accuracy and speed with all the things she is working on. She is driven; she is fueled by passion. But sometimes, she misses the mark because of wrong timing. But the ‘fighter in pink’ within her would once again say, “Who cares?” She will go back to the road again, start the engine, boost up to 5th gear and just go on.

The fighter in pink uses love as her strength, and so thus her weakness.

This woman might kill me if I go in this territory. Really, she will kill me! haha.

Or what if I’ll just kill her hoping that she’ll be resurrected with a clear heart and mind? But seriously, this is about her heart as a young mom who is still learning her way through motherhood. She left the woman she pictured her to be for that one special role she wholeheartedly accepted. She tried a different road; a road she never imagined she will take. But there she is, still owning the wheel.

The Fighter in pink is my cousin, the bright owner of this blog. I knew her all my life. We grew up almost together. We played the same games (go figure haha), shared the same piece of pandesal. We’ve been through a lot of roadtrips and coffee breaks. Just because we don’t have a choice. After all, we are cousins. 

So she just reminded me that this blog is for the young moms just like her. After this, I hope that all of you get to learn the importance of balance. Both my brand and her brand do have this. Every mom should never forget that they are still individuals. Part of loving your families is loving yourselves, moms! You have your sides, your choices and your goals. You have your failures and heartbreaks. Just learn to find the right mix of these and I am quite sure you can find your own brand. Remember that you should not aim to be complete, aim to have layers instead 🙂


And here are my thoughts upon reading the post.

BA’s thoughts: 

Am I going to post this? Am I not promoting myself too much? But then I thought, shouldn’t I be promoting myself? *Just Kidding* Besides, as I have said – THIS ISN’T SPONSORED! 🙂

Am I really a fighter in pink? Fighter is definitely what suits me. I have been battling depression, self – insecurities and a whole lot more for the past years. I can’t say I am fully healed, but every time I wake up, I know I am better than yesterday. 

And then PINK.

Is pink even my favorite color? HELL NO!  But I guess, when you look at PINK in a grander context, the hue screams femininity. That shade is my balance to prevent myself from diving into an all out war – ruthless and bloody. This color calms my nerves and reminds me that I am a woman, more importantly –  a Mother and that I will keep on fighting not just for myself, but I will keep on protecting the fortress I am still building for my children.

So I asked myself again, am I a fighter in pink?

I couldn’t agree more. 

About the Guest Writer : 

Charlie Hernando
Charlie Hernando describes himself as the ‘Prince of his own kingdom,warrior of his chosen battle’.  He is about to start up his own blog soon.



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