The Geeky Night , Under the Moon and Stars, Over Drinks and Wet Sand – Our North Adventure (Part 2)

Let’s go!!! VIGAN

The air is different.

Confirmed – we are now in Vigan.

Before reaching the history –filled destination, Cha’s Mirage endured roads that are perfect for a Ford Ranger! But we just laughed it off.  Instead of whining, we enjoyed every story and silliness we could think just to kill time. We talked about aliens, murders and all these nerdy- stuff, which by the way, we all love!

It was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon when we reached Vigan. Of course, we headed straight to Calle Crisologo, the famous spot and took photos. Like your usual tourists, we bought small souvenirs. But the heat was just too much so we decided to look for a local café to bring down our body’s temperature. Plus, we had to wait for Kuya Regan, a friend of Cha and also a friend of my brother. He is a local.  🙂

Quick stopover at God- Knows- Where
With Cha
With Carie and Honey
With Cha and Kuya Regan at a local cafe. Best part? The drinks are darn inexpensive.

That’s the beauty of making a lot of friends from different parts of the world – instant local tour guide!  

And so after meeting up with Kuya Regan, he then escorted us to Cabugao Beach Resort. Check out the link to see what’s in store for you there.

In my personal opinion, the resort is pretty neat. The rooms are huge (sorry for not taking photos)  and the view is perfect to get off your mind from whatever tribulations you have.

11813384_10207553343698665_6696983666526998984_n 10982315_10207586384964676_4558087058951973106_n

Kuya Regan is a local surfer, so I was ‘begging’ him to teach us how.  This hard- headed young mom wouldn’t stop, right? Anyway, I finally gave up because the water was calm. TOO CALM.

What the heck.

It was still a good afternoon for some quick dip, and so we did.

And then the sun bade us goodbye.


We ordered a lot because apparently, the long drive made us extremely hungry. I couldn’t remember everything we had but let me try ok.

  • French Fries
  • Sinigang na Bangus
  • Bagnet
  • Calamares
  • Pinakbet
  • Spicy Shrimps

What else, friends?

It was a HEAVY dinner for us. And I have to tell you – ANG SARAP! I need to emphasize how delicious it was so allow me to use my native tongue. One more time – ANG SARAP PRAMIS!

And then of course, to start the long night, we were accompanied by ice – cold beers. I am not much of a drinker so I just had a couple, but it was enough for me to heat up.

Like most booze sessions, we talked about love, life, getting rich, stories from the university and then later on we decided to start a bonfire.

Maybe the beer was already flowing nicely through our bloodstreams because we talked about the weirdest stuff. It was actually a replay of what we talked about during the long drive. We exchanged thoughts about extraterrestrial, planets, superpowers and all the geeky things you could think of!

It was so much fun!  I never thought that we could talk about so many things – from shallow ones to that of the NASA people’s IQ. Feeling genius!

OK, and we were getting tired already. Plus, we need to get off the sand from our body. Off to our room. In just few minutes – DOZED (most of us).

Cha was surprised to see (hear) Honey, Carie and I already snoring. You can blame the AC. It was so cold, it lulled us to sleep.

With all the non – sense (Ok, sensible) things we discussed, I considered the night AMAZING! You know how much I crave for long talks, right?


Our plan was to marvel the sun as it beautifies the entire view. But I guess the long drive took a toll on us.

Time check.

A little over 10:00 AM.

Wait, what?

Holy Cheese and Rice!

“We need to get up! WE NEED TO GET UP! “


My next post would be the last part of our adventure. Plus my key takeaways from that memorable weekend.


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