Meeting New Friends and Reaching Milestones – Our North Adventure (Part 1)

Last July, I posted some random status on Facebook saying that I want to have a short vacation and if anyone is interested, they could just leave a message.

Surprisingly, Cha, a former block mate from college commented on my post. Well, it started from that. Few private messages and before we know it, we already plotted a date for our North adventure.

Side note: She also works from home so that’s probably one of the reasons why we have a lot in common.

Originally, we were supposed to stay in Subic which is just a couple of hours from Manila. After all, it would be our first time to do such kind of adventure so we figured to start with something near metro manila (just in case something awful happens). Don’t get me wrong ok? I’ve been to a couple of road adventure, but mostly with my family. I think that goes the same with Cha. Since we were just 2, I invited my former officemate, Carie, to join us. Being the ‘I-am’single-I-am-going-to-have-fun’ kind of dudette, she said yes. Little did I know that she was a bit hesitant because Subic isn’t something that tickles her bones.

And then Soul Surfer played on Star Movies.

I immediately messaged Cha and asked her if we could go to La Union. It was way, and I mean, WAY farther than Subic but she said YES. Oh this friend of mine, she really has that craving for a real adventure! In just a second, our plans changed.

What plan?

It wasn’t a plan. We intended not to plan. We decided that being spontaneous might help spice our adventure a bit.

Just so you know, Cha and Carie were total strangers. And so I had to introduce them over Facebook. Oh thank you wonders of technology.

I knew they would get along just because I felt there was something in common between the two.

They are both KILAY, sorry, I meant KIKAY!

In fact, when I asked Carie to check Cha’s account, the first thing she told me is that she loves her eye brows.

I have to admit. I was a bit scared being with 2 kikays because that might mean we would end up choosing luxurious restaurants and hotels. Damn it, this was supposed to be a cheap adventure! Well, I just reiterated in our Facebook group conversation that we have to stick with our budget. I was crossing my fingers that my travel mates would be as cowboy as I am.

On the night before our road trip, I decided to stay at Carie’s place so that Cha will just have to pick us up along EDSA (or as WAZE pronounced it – E.D.S.A).  Out of the blue, Carie dragged me to Starbucks to meet her cousins. And just when I thought there will be no surprises that night, we decided to bring Honey (Carie’s cousin) with us.

11755817_10207561008010268_2284205714527496399_n 11822550_505117676310284_95815091506835567_n

We were 4. I was secretly thinking “Oh yes, hati sa apat lahat ng gastusin. ROCK.” (What do you expect? I was really working on a tight budget!) BWAHAHAHA. The universe is doing its magic.

Let me give you some ‘backgrounder’.

Cha : The chic and kikay driver. 

Carie : The workaholic kikay dudette. 

Honey : The walking encyclopedia 

BA : Uhm, I wanted to write something nice but I guess you’d call me bias. So the passenger. The foreigner passenger! Sounds fine?

Cha sent me a message around 3:00 AM that she was already in Magallanes.

What the hell! And the 3 of us in the condo were still in bed.

I texted Cha back. “Yung totoo? Ano yung dina- drive mo, Mirage or Ferrari?”

Anyway, we just washed our face, brushed our teeth, changed our clothes the fastest time possible, hailed a cab and went straight to our meeting place.

When we got there, Carie saw Cha’s cute apple green Mirage. She went down and said “Hi Cha”.

“Wow, close agad?” That’s what I thought!

Anyway, we had some chit chats and of course, turned on WAZE because we are self-proclaimed ‘direction-losers’. I was so sleepy but because Cha and I had to catch up (the last time I saw her was 5 years ago), I had to fight my peepers urge to shut down.

We stopped at NLEX to eat our breakfast and after some ‘calming down’, we hit the road again.

It was our first photo together. We looked comfy already! Parang years of friendship na ang na-establish.

WOOHOOOOOO!!! Let’s go La Union.

I was excited to wear my rash guard and to post some fake ‘surfing’ photos.

After such a long drive (Uhm, they didn’t let me drive out of fear. That’s unfair!), we reached La Union.


So this is La Union? Flat. No kickass waves.

Some of our friends already warned us that it wasn’t the best time to visit La Union. It was August.  Apparently, we didn’t listen.  

We expected a Boracay-ish kind of vibe but we were there already so we scouted for some hostels.

It was scorching hot and we found this hostel with all the hammock and bamboo foundations. It was cool for me! After all, I really wanted to try something new. The girls were ok with it as well while Cha was busy with her phone.

“OK na ba kayo dito?” I asked.

“Ok naman.” They said, almost in unison.


“Gusto nyo mag – Vigan? 2 hours na lang daw yun from here sabi ni Regan.”

It was just noon so we still have a lot of time.

Carie said an enthusiastic YES because it was going to be her first time in Vigan.

I had no choice but to say YES. Besides, Vigan seems to be a great place to relax. Plus, there are beaches nearby so… OK.

We went down and checked the hostel’s comfort rooms (out of curiosity, I guess). But what we saw in the CR’s signage made me decide to get in the car and head North-er!

“Frogs are our friends!”

Oh no! I can’t imagine sharing a shower with a frog! I’m a cowboy and all, but frogs and I don’t get along.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only one. Cha was too darn afraid of frogs too.

We just ate a cheap lunch, went back to the car and Vigan – here we go!

Wait for my next post for our Ilocos adventure. But admit it, this first day was already an adventure of its own, right? RIGHT!


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