Why You Needed to Go Out – Because Internet Could Only Do So Much

So, last weekend I decided to go out because I originally plan on attending a training in relation to Real Estate. Sadly, the traffic was bad and I missed it. But I wouldn’t want to waste the long travel for nothing. I had to make my day worthy. I decided to just go to Driven Marketing’s office and was secretly hoping to see familiar faces that could turn my day brighter.

For some reason, I opened the door and it felt home. There were a lot of people (newbies, I might say), but there were few familiar faces and it was enough for me to breathe normally. We shook hands, hugged, said our hellos and I sat down.

Even if I joined the group years ago, I felt new. Most probably because, those who joined the same year I did, are now earning millions. I am not exaggerating OK? And that was like what – 4 years ago?! I thought to myself, “If I haven’t stopped, I think I would see my portrait in that ‘self- made- millionaires- wall’ in the office.”  But there’s no time to think about the past, all I need to think about is the future. Isn’t that right?

I was lucky I was able to sit beside Ed Federico. He is a fellow broker who left his corporate job and pursued Real Estate. Man oh Man, he is doing great and I was inspired by his stories. His perseverance, determination and good heart is the perfect formula for making it big – and I am more than willing to follow his footsteps.

Meanwhile, my mother in Driven was there too. She’s Ms. Maricar and currently holds the record for selling a HEFTY multi – million property. I couldn’t give you the figures but let’s just say, the commission is more than enough for me to buy my own unit. So yes, that big! Ms. Maricar is very accommodating and her hug reassured me that I am still welcome in the group. Indeed, I am with family.

I don’t want to make this post long so I’d go directly to my point.

I know I have been bragging about my online job and how internet makes my life easier. But you know what – meeting your friends and mentors in person is far better than virtual hugs and text messages. The facial expressions that go with their stories are more meaningful and it will move you even more.

Yes, I suggest that you go out!

Ok, so with this, I’m restructuring my old Real Estate Blog and Facebook Page. (Nag promote pa) 🙂


24 thoughts on “Why You Needed to Go Out – Because Internet Could Only Do So Much

  1. and this also allows you to have that “me time” right? Even moms like us get to chat with friends online, it’s still different when we talk with friends over coffee or lunch. 🙂


    • Yes. Me Time it is. 🙂 It is really important for moms to go out once in a while. It can be a bit crazy if we do the same thing all over again.


  2. Amen! I’m in the same exact situation as you, working from home but venturing the field of real estate too. I’m glad I have a mentor at home (mum) but I want to go out and meet new people too!


  3. Haha, I insist on going out most of the time, and my husband likes to stay home because he goes to the office na… Yes, it’s necessary to leave home once in a while, even just for a breath of fresh air, does a lot of good!


  4. I need to go out and leave my virtual life too haha Tjanks for encouraging people like me.



  5. I always wanted to try my “luck” sa real estate. Luck talaga! haha I’m not really confident with my selling powers (as if I have one), I mean I’m not good with selling and marketing but I find this field very promising. I was once invited by my friend but I declined as I find it pretty difficult. Hmmm might consider this someday. Thanks for sharing! And yes, it’s absolutely wonderful to go out and talk to real people! hehe :))


    • I thought Real Estate is about having that strong selling skill. Well, yes that is true. But what’s important is that you know what you are selling. It doesn’t matter if you are hardcore seller. 🙂 Believe me, you can do it! 🙂

      Oh yes! REAL people. Virtual relationships are not enough. 🙂

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  6. Feels like you’re talking to me! And I think I need to go out, meet new friends or reconnecting to old friends. Not that I don’t like being with hubby and kids, its just that I think I need to go out. Hahaha! 🙂 Thanks 🙂


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