Silly –Siblings Post #1 : Life’s Lesson Derived from our Foolishness

When I booked a flight going to Singapore, I didn’t know that it would be the same day that my brother will arrive from Brazil. If you have read my previous post, you knew that I took a low cost carrier. My brother, on the other hand, took a different carrier – obviously. I tried Cebu Pacific and he was on Emirates. Considering the duration of our travel, I believe it should be fine. Plus, I paid for just PHP 7,000 – who am I to complain, right? And just because we are certified fools, we decided to do something silly. You can figure it out with the images below.

Left and Top Photos : From my brother 

Right and Bottom Photos : From me 

Untitled 5
Well, nothing so much to compare. 🙂 No points for this.
Untitled 3
What do you expect? Mine is only a 3-hour flight. Yes, so no points. 🙂
Untitled 4
My brother (obviously) enjoyed the in flight entertainment. I, on the other hand, ‘enjoyed’ hmmmm, you’ll know later. 🙂 Yes. I should have downloaded movies or brought a book – but I’m glad I didn’t. Again, scroll down to know why.
Untitled 2
He ate something which was not personalized. While I ate something his wife prepared. 🙂 You better try Toothfairy’s Chewy Cookies and Cream Bars! It is heaven. (side note: I’ll write a post about my sister-in-law’s goodies) 1 Point for me.
He looked tired. I looked, well, I don’t want to be bias. 🙂

Well, yes. At first, I decided to do this for the heck of doing something silly. But it turns out to be more meaningful as I type this post. I’ve bagged a great lesson which I’m about to share with you.

 If things around you aren’t as entertaining as you have expected, BE THE ENTERTAINMENT TO OTHERS.

I know my brother was able to kill time by watching movies while travelling. I didn’t have that luxury. But I wouldn’t want to bore myself to death. Yes, I know it’s just a 3 – hour flight. However, would I waste those 3-hours?


Instead, I said ‘HI’ to my lovely seatmates and immediately exchanged stories. 🙂 I made new friends and it was better than watching movies.I am making my own story after all. This will definitely be included in one of my life’s chapters. Oh, and before we knew it, the plane was already landing. Not the smoothest landing, I must say. Nevertheless, we made it ALIVE.  

There, this is really a short post and I badly need to rest. I promise to make more time for writing, it’s just that I’m doing a lot of part time jobs and I’m in that ‘adjustment’ phase. Not to mention my son is about to go to school a couple of weeks from now. B-U-S-Y.


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