Teaching Kids, The 90s Way – No Gadgets Allowed; Experiencing the Outdoors

Two weeks ago, my sister-in-law (out of the blue), asked us to bring the kids to Manila. She didn’t want us to go to the mall, (or at least spend the whole day there) but instead suggested that we visit Manila Zoo. My father, who is an inborn lover of outdoors, said we should have a picnic in Luneta Park. I, the geeky one, wanted to go to National Museum.  That was the plan. The following week, we gave it a shot.

Before the actual trip, I got so excited. I know that it’s going to be tiring, especially for us parents, but I was ready for another battle. The fact that my kids would experience something new and different (for their generation) heightened my excitement.

The BIG Day

The night before our trip, I decided to pack my children’s things. That way, I wouldn’t have to rush things in the morning. I’ll share with you the must-haves if you have toddlers.

  • Extra Clothes

Bring light tshirts and pants. I also brought their ‘pambahay’. That way, they could comfortably sleep in their PJs on our way home.  

  • Face Towels

They do perspire a lot, don’t you think? *laughs*

  • Wipes

So you can instantly clean up your little ones.

  • Alcohol

Because we hate germs!

  • Diapers

Need I say more?

  • Milk and Water

Lots of water!

  • Biscuits

Because they will lose a lot of energy.

  • Games

Or a never-ending playlist of nursery rhymes to get them out of boredom while on the road

  • Patience

As always. 🙂

Our first short stop was at Cash and Carry because my sister-in-law had to do some shopping for her bakery. You can like her facebook page here by the way. It’s Toothfairy. If you are in Batangas or somewhere near Lipa, you better try out her goodies.

Next was Manila Zoo (Entrance Fee for adult was PHP 100)

The last time I went here was, UGH, I was 3 years old. That was 23 years ago! It wasn’t that crowded because we went on a weekday. So I guess you have to schedule yours on a weekday too. Quite frankly, the zoo wasn’t that appealing to me. It wasn’t colorful as I have imagined it. Or perhaps, we are talking about the zoo 23 years ago! Nevertheless, the kids LOVE it. The elephant, the birds, the tigers, the monkeys, the fish! They are learning while having fun (without the help of gadgets). As I call it, we are teaching our kids the 90s way – kinda like how my parents did to us. We try to stimulate their brains without so much help of the technology we have now. That way, they will be more creative, and more resourceful.

I am not saying that iPads or android tablets are bad. They have their own benefits too. But I would like my kids to enjoy the outdoors as well. I want them to learn, while getting a bit muddy.  

After seeing the animals, we went to the zoo’s playground and well, as expected, they got pretty darn dirty. It was OK. I’m sure they can handle it.

Another benefit of taking them outdoors is that they meet new friends (not the virtual ones). Hence, honing their social skills.

It was getting a bit late so we decided to go to Luneta Park. We brought our ‘banig’, my sister-in-law’s cheesecake and my parents’ sandwiches which they prepared the night before.

My mom and dad looked like a young couple, it was so sweet! Maybe they were reminiscing their younger days because they kept on sharing their ‘date escapades’. Haha! The kids enjoyed the park’s vast area and ran like well…KIDS. It was such a nice view. ‘This is better than malls’, I thought.  At least they can stop saying, ‘Mommy, I want to buy this.’ *laughs*

Luneta Park is surprisingly nice. We tried their train and watched the dancing fountain, which by the way, my kids enjoyed. They were dancing too. 🙂

We were not able to go to the National Museum but we’d try our luck next time.

The day was extremely tiring, but it was all worth it. Try it too. I’m sure you and the whole family would enjoy every minute.


BA is a young mom of 2 wonderful kids. She has high ambitions and would like to touch hearts. If you wish to write her a message, please send it to ba_isla@yahoo.com  


47 thoughts on “Teaching Kids, The 90s Way – No Gadgets Allowed; Experiencing the Outdoors

  1. I’m guilty of letting my baby use an iPad too, all her apps are for kids her age, mostly fairytales, animals, and nursery rhymes, but only for an hour or two in one day. But, I’ll definitely make sure that she’ll get to enjoy the outdoors like that. As of now, she only gets to walk and ride her bike around our compound.


  2. Love the idea of raising your kids the 90’s way. I was more from the 80s/90s and while we had video games, they weren’t a big part of our lives. Now that I have two young boys I try to keep them outside as much as possible. Great thoughts!


  3. Thanks for the list of this to bring during outdoor activity. It’s really important that children will not be allowed to use their gadget once in a while because they have their own world when they are playing with their gadget.


  4. Kudos to you for being one of those moms that see the benefit of family outings rather than apps on an iPad! Outdoor activities for kids make it more healthier for them to become creative. 🙂


  5. Nowadays it’s difficult to make the kids do away with gadgets. But activities such as this is a pretty good start. It can also help the kids to communicate well with their parents and strengthen the family bonding.


  6. I am a pro-outdoor-no-gadget mom, too! Actually, your activities were on our conversation this lunch. Plan is to go to Manila Zoo, National Museum and Intramuros (instead of Luneta). Hope we can pull off this “lakad”. We will surely enjoy it just like you did. 🙂


  7. I’m sure every child actually enjoys the outdoors, di lang nabibigyan ng chance. During our travel, my little boy enjoyed the outdoors so much. I downloaded videos for him on my phone in case he gets bored, but they were never watched!


  8. What a day well spent! It’s so nice to make such outdoor travels once in a while. It rejuvenates everyone, despite the mom’s stress of getting everyone ready. Hehe


  9. I remembered growing up back then. No gadgets whatsoever. May TV but I don’t like watching TV. Haha! I always make it a point to schedule outdoor activities with my girls to lessen iPad exposure. Not good din naman for their eyes.


  10. That is so great of you – we are trying to encourage families to go outside in the blog so it really makes me happy to see other families who try to do so. It’s not to say we’re not guilty of letting the daughter watch Youtube at home but we do our best to get out of the house and camp at least once or twice a month.


  11. We went to Manila Zoo, too, a few years back, and my son enjoyed it. We have yet to implement a “no gadgets” day at home, however, but we’re really bent on making that a once-a-week habit as we want our son to be interested in other things.


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