Young Mom’s Tips – Bringing your Toddlers to Cinema

Well, I have decided to bring my kids to the nearest mall and I wanted to try something new for them.

I took them to the movie house to watch Cinderella.

I decided to take them to a movie.
I decided to take them to a movie.

I was actually hesitant at first. I am sure you are aware that Cinderella 2015 isn’t a cartoon. I felt that it would just bore them to death. My son is 4 years old, while my daughter is 2.

What the heck. I just did it.

3 tickets, 2 small bags of popcorn and 2 small sodas


I thought that was all I needed.

The movie trailers made them laugh. The Frozen Fever (which was a small stint before the movie) made my daughter’s eyes popped! And then, the real deal.

Ok, Cinderella rolling now.


After seeing few scenes from the movie, I was already giving both my kids that ‘PLEASE-SIT-DOWN-OR-ELSE’ look. My daughter started going up and down the cinema’s stairs, and my son started to complain and made excuses just to leave.

We ended the show of course, but I brought home some valuable lessons which I’m going to share with you.

Thinking of bringing your toddlers to the movies? Here are some tips from my fresh experience. 🙂

Tip 1. Stick with cartoons or a movie with a lot, and I mean A LOT of visual effects.

Who doesn’t love magic, fairy dust, giants, candies and colorful visual effects? Kids do not actually interpret the whole plot of a movie, most of them are just amazed by the visual effects. I have proven this when Cinderella’s godmother turned the pumpkin into a carriage. That was one of the few times my daughter stayed in her seat.

Tip 2. Choose seats which are near the aisle.

You wouldn’t want to annoy other movie-goers just because you need to stand up every so often because your kids are running around, or wanted to ‘visit’ the restroom.

Tip 3. Prepare some milk.

Pacify them by giving them milk. I was so grateful I had brought two. 🙂 The downside, your kids might doze off.

Tip 4.Buy additional chips.

If they don’t want milk, then popcorn or a bag of chips might be a substitute for now.

Tip 5. Go to the restroom prior movie.

Not just for the kids, right? *wink*  If your toddlers are still on diapers, change it first before going inside the movie house.

Tip 8. Prolong your patience.

Otherwise, just wait for few more years to watch another movie, or stick with DVDs for now. 🙂

All in all, the experience wasn’t that bad. It was one of their milestones to watch a movie inside a dark cinema. Perhaps, I’ll just choose a better movie for my toddlers next time. Spongebob maybe? What do you think?

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34 thoughts on “Young Mom’s Tips – Bringing your Toddlers to Cinema

  1. That aisle seat is very important. We took our daughter in a mini-theater show once, it’s just for 15 minutes and when the lights started to dim, she went scared and wanted to go out. I haven’t taken her to a real cinema after that incident.


    • Hi Badet,

      Yes. Sometimes, it can be ‘overwhelming’ for the kids. I guess in time we’ll be able to enjoy movies with the kiddos. Or maybe, we can train them to watch in a darker room! 🙂 What do you think?


  2. The first time my youngest had the experience of watching a movie from a theater, well, he just doze off! LOL I guess it was because the theater was soooo cold. But during other times, he attentively watched the movies.


  3. The first time I’ve brought Kyle to see a movie, he ate so much popcorn that he eventually threw them all up, kaya we had no choice but to leave the cinema. You were so right about the aisle…it’s easier to go to comfort rooms with such seats.


    • Wow! That was one experience ha! I hope your kid is better with movies now. Well, I notice naman talaga na it was noisy inside the movie house. 🙂 Kids… 😀


  4. Great tips! I’ve been planning to take my 4yrs. old daughter to the cinema yet always hesitant if it’s a good idea. Haha I will surely apply these tips and hopefully take her soon. Hmm I might still consider Cinderella for her knowing how behave she is when watching princess movies. But as for my super active 2yrs.old son, nah, I’d prolly wait until he turns five. Haha thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks 🙂 And if you have additional tips, please let me know.
      Anyway, I thought my daughter would behave since it is ‘Cinderella’. She did actually -when Cinderella was in her gown -. The rest, UGH… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think we sort of mastered taking our three little kids to watch non-animation movies, hehe. Check on all your tips, plus one more (if you want to see YOUR movie) — we limit our kids’ device usage for times like this. We let them play with their devices when it’s our turn to choose the movie we want. Hehehe. Works for us.


  6. I watched Cinderella too with my 1 year old daughter. Hahahaha! Okay naman. Yun lang she’d laugh so loud on the most kilig moments. yung kung kelan focus lahat. Like yung sa pagbaba ng hagdan ni Cinderella. Buti nalang adorable ang tawa nya at mukhang di naman nainis ang ibang tao.


  7. it might really take awhile before the little ones can sit through an entire film at the movie house. i had the same experience when i did the mistake of taking my very little tot to the cinema. those tips should come handy, especially for new mums who have yet to experience going to the movies with their little tots. spongebob sounds like a great choice, i am sure they will also love the new film, home.


  8. Haha. It was a fun learning experience still. I was always wondering how old kids should be before they are allowed in the theaters. Pwede pa la 2yo? But yeah, it would definitely be hard concentrating on the movie. Unless it’s something from Dr. Seuss siguro…


  9. I agree, Mommy. Patience is a virtue, especially when you’re bringing in young kids to the cinema. When my son was younger and he got bored inside the movie house, he would get up from his seat and try to roam around. Lol! Nowadays, he’d just sleep if he finds some parts of a movie boring.


  10. My kids also started watching movies since they were very young so we’ve had no major problems with them remaining patiently on their seats. However, my four-year-old son has trouble remaining quiet. Hehehe. But you’re right, it also depends on the movie. We just watched Home last night and my son was glued to his seat and kept quiet the whole time. Amazing! Haha!


  11. I agree with the aisle seat..:) I reckon my kids were screaming pa that time and we ended up leaving na lang.. 😦 But, after that stage, the next movie date was FF5 and 6- so ingay naman kasi they like cars etc.. hehehe..:) At least, we got to experience it diba? 🙂


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