Quick Tips : How to Get an Online Writing Job – 5 Quick Tips

I have been pretty busy this week and have written several articles, so my mind is a bit slow today. But yes, I made a promise to write 1 post a week, and I’m keeping it.



Again, I am not the best writer out there. Well, that’s the point. If I can get a writing job, there’s no reason for you not to have one. During college, we were required to take Journalism classes. One of the exercises was to make an essay in Filipino. To be honest, I didn’t exert a lot of effort. I thought it was going to be very easy. Uhm… my article was rejected. I literally cried for hours and I thought writing wasn’t for me. Oh well, I just tried harder. After all, I really wanted to write.

That’s just a back story. But what have I learned from it? Writing can be fun, but it is definitely SERIOUS. If you don’t put your heart in it, you’d get rejected. OUCH!

If you want to land an online writing job, I have here some very, and I mean, VERY practical tips.

  1. READ

And avoid sticking to your favorite topics. I can’t say you can’t have your favorites. I personally love crimes, murders and all those bloody stuff. But if I keep on reading the same things all over again, I am just hindering myself from learning more. Try to read as much as you can. Read newspapers, magazines, blogs, or even comments from the readers. By doing so, you can have your own style. Well, I’d be honest. I’m not good with news writing because I tend to give my opinion. Nevertheless, I still read it.


The key is to play with words. Standards and perfect grammar are there as guides. But if you stick to the norms, your article will never stand out. It’s just plain story – telling. I bet that it wouldn’t be able to connect with your readers. I have read a lot of nice articles, substantial, I must say. But that didn’t captivate my senses, simply because , it was plain.


When people say I write good articles, I always say that my heart writes. I just type what my heart wants to say. When that’s done, editing follows. Trust me, it should be very easy.


Oh gosh! I love this. Sometimes when you write, especially for an online writing job, you need to wear several hats. My first online writing job required me to be a gamer, a health expert and even a member of the LGBT community. Apart from reading, you must love to observe your surroundings. How do people talk? How do they react? How do they see things?


Apart from sending your impressive resume, why not put up your own blog? Most employers would require you to send sample articles. Quite frankly, that’s time consuming. Before I applied for a writing job, I made sure that I had an active blog. I really think that they don’t dwell much on what you write on your resume. They are really after your writing technique. 🙂

I guess this is it for this week. My daughter is pulling my hair so I guess that’s my signal that we need to play.

BA is a young mom of 2 wonderful kids. She has high ambitions and would like to touch hearts. If you wish to write her a message, please send it to ba_isla@yahoo.com   


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