How I Got My First Million – The First Step in Getting that 7- Digit Savings

I got my first million…

I got you there, didn’t I? Quite the contrary, I am far from reaching that one million mark. But I am certain that I’d get there.

For those who already have whopping savings, I salute you. Perhaps, you can give us your tips. *wink*

But for those who are still on the road to being rich, it’s ok if you don’t get there fast. After all, it’s sometimes better to take the Route 66 than to take the highway, isn’t that right Lightning McQueen fans? *wink* Just enjoy the road first.

Let’s get down to business. Shall we?

This isn’t a secret but the FIRST step for you to earn your million is to BELIEVE that you will have it. I am just reminding you of that.

Believing might be a very common English word. Nevertheless, it’s really hard to do! Like in my case, it’s hard to believe that I can have a  million savings in the near future. I don’t know how yet, but there is one thing I know… “I can have it.”

I’ll tell you a short personal story that happened years ago. This happened when I was still starting in the Real Estate industry. I hope that my story will make you realize that great things will happen in your life when you start BELIEVING.

The Newbie

When people asked me why I tried my luck in the Real Estate Industry, I always tell them this funny story.

You know that Kim and Gerald movie where the latter played a character of a Marketing Executive for a Real Estate company? Till My Heartaches End *Laughs*. That one!

Anyway, my brother and I were watching it at home while I was trying to finish my articles (perks of working online). When I saw Gerald’s character earning money from making sales, I told my brother I wanted to try it out. He was supportive, as always, but he also said it’s going to be hard. I responded “Ok lang, kung diyan ako yayaman e.”

After my shift, I stayed online and looked for a firm that will accredit freelance Marketing Executives. That’s when I found DRIVEN Marketing (until now I am still with them as a Real Estate Broker).

For the first couple of months, I wasn’t making any progress. I saw my colleagues making sales as if they were selling pancakes! Some were selling week after week. Instead of feeling frustrated, I made them my inspiration.

Apart from being inspired, I would regularly tell myself, “Don’t worry BA, you’d have your time. Just wait and you will sell one big property.” Every night I would convince myself that someone would reach out to me and buy. Because of that kind of thinking, I was unconsciously increasing my efforts in placing advertisements online. I was also practicing my selling skills by reading books.

It’s as if I was preparing for something big because I knew that it will happen.


After a couple of months, someone sent me an email and told me he was from Japan. I entertained him, but I was not hoping for anything. He just said, “Pauwi na ako next month, ikaw na lang ang contact ko ok?” I said OK and gave my number.

I completely forgot about that conversation when suddenly I received a call from an unregistered number. Yes, he called me and asked for a site visit.

That moment on I already thanked God.

“God, I know this is it. I know this is it.” I claimed it already. I started BELIEVING that it was going to be my first huge sale.

The site tripping went well. The client looked at the biggest property in a Subdivision near Tagaytay, City and he didn’t check the smaller and cheaper houses.

“Ok na ito”, he said.

I was dumbfounded. He wanted to give the reservation right then and there. The mother of my client even said, “Magaling kang ahente iha, dadami ang client mo”.

“Woah! This isn’t happening. This isn’t real!”

I wanted to cry but pretended I was used to closing sales. I just looked up and said my prayers.

Side note: Thank you Kuya AK for helping me on this sale. *Chuckles*

Can you imagine, in just a matter of days I was able to have a commission good enough for me to survive for months! And all I did at first was to BELIEVE.

Well, I haven’t been practicing my profession but I am now back and will still hone my skills as much as I can. I will again BELIEVE and I am certain that I’d make another jaw –dropping sale.


Remember, whatever your goal is, always BELIEVE that it will happen. When you do, your actions will automatically gear towards that, making each day a step closer to your dreams.

Getting “Lucky” is actually the sum of Preparation + Opportunity. Indeed, you’d never know when the opportunity comes knocking. You have to prepare for it. So for now, I still BELIEVE that I will have that first million soon. *laughs*

Good Night and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

BA is a young mom of 2 wonderful kids. She has high ambitions and would like to touch hearts. If you wish to write her a message, please send it to  


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