How I Got My First Million – The First Step in Getting that 7- Digit Savings

I got my first million…

I got you there, didn’t I? Quite the contrary, I am far from reaching that one million mark. But I am certain that I’d get there.

For those who already have whopping savings, I salute you. Perhaps, you can give us your tips. *wink*

But for those who are still on the road to being rich, it’s ok if you don’t get there fast. After all, it’s sometimes better to take the Route 66 than to take the highway, isn’t that right Lightning McQueen fans? *wink* Just enjoy the road first.

Let’s get down to business. Shall we?

This isn’t a secret but the FIRST step for you to earn your million is to BELIEVE that you will have it. I am just reminding you of that.

Believing might be a very common English word. Nevertheless, it’s really hard to do! Like in my case, it’s hard to believe that I can have a  million savings in the near future. I don’t know how yet, but there is one thing I know… “I can have it.”

I’ll tell you a short personal story that happened years ago. This happened when I was still starting in the Real Estate industry. I hope that my story will make you realize that great things will happen in your life when you start BELIEVING.

The Newbie

When people asked me why I tried my luck in the Real Estate Industry, I always tell them this funny story.

You know that Kim and Gerald movie where the latter played a character of a Marketing Executive for a Real Estate company? Till My Heartaches End *Laughs*. That one!

Anyway, my brother and I were watching it at home while I was trying to finish my articles (perks of working online). When I saw Gerald’s character earning money from making sales, I told my brother I wanted to try it out. He was supportive, as always, but he also said it’s going to be hard. I responded “Ok lang, kung diyan ako yayaman e.”

After my shift, I stayed online and looked for a firm that will accredit freelance Marketing Executives. That’s when I found DRIVEN Marketing (until now I am still with them as a Real Estate Broker).

For the first couple of months, I wasn’t making any progress. I saw my colleagues making sales as if they were selling pancakes! Some were selling week after week. Instead of feeling frustrated, I made them my inspiration.

Apart from being inspired, I would regularly tell myself, “Don’t worry BA, you’d have your time. Just wait and you will sell one big property.” Every night I would convince myself that someone would reach out to me and buy. Because of that kind of thinking, I was unconsciously increasing my efforts in placing advertisements online. I was also practicing my selling skills by reading books.

It’s as if I was preparing for something big because I knew that it will happen.


After a couple of months, someone sent me an email and told me he was from Japan. I entertained him, but I was not hoping for anything. He just said, “Pauwi na ako next month, ikaw na lang ang contact ko ok?” I said OK and gave my number.

I completely forgot about that conversation when suddenly I received a call from an unregistered number. Yes, he called me and asked for a site visit.

That moment on I already thanked God.

“God, I know this is it. I know this is it.” I claimed it already. I started BELIEVING that it was going to be my first huge sale.

The site tripping went well. The client looked at the biggest property in a Subdivision near Tagaytay, City and he didn’t check the smaller and cheaper houses.

“Ok na ito”, he said.

I was dumbfounded. He wanted to give the reservation right then and there. The mother of my client even said, “Magaling kang ahente iha, dadami ang client mo”.

“Woah! This isn’t happening. This isn’t real!”

I wanted to cry but pretended I was used to closing sales. I just looked up and said my prayers.

Side note: Thank you Kuya AK for helping me on this sale. *Chuckles*

Can you imagine, in just a matter of days I was able to have a commission good enough for me to survive for months! And all I did at first was to BELIEVE.

Well, I haven’t been practicing my profession but I am now back and will still hone my skills as much as I can. I will again BELIEVE and I am certain that I’d make another jaw –dropping sale.


Remember, whatever your goal is, always BELIEVE that it will happen. When you do, your actions will automatically gear towards that, making each day a step closer to your dreams.

Getting “Lucky” is actually the sum of Preparation + Opportunity. Indeed, you’d never know when the opportunity comes knocking. You have to prepare for it. So for now, I still BELIEVE that I will have that first million soon. *laughs*

Good Night and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

BA is a young mom of 2 wonderful kids. She has high ambitions and would like to touch hearts. If you wish to write her a message, please send it to  


The Smarty Pants Says Goodbye to Slacks and Leather Shoes – When This Young Mom Left the Corporate World

(Note: I used to do well in College, acing most of my exams, topping most of our subjects. And honestly speaking, in school we were taught to climb a corporate ladder, not to create our own stairs. That’s why I had that misconception that being corporate means you are above the rest. I wanted to meet other people’s expectations that I can make it big, that I can be successful.)

After giving birth to 2 lovely kids, I continued  working from home. However, I felt I was not improving myself. I thought that my College – degree was put into waste. I needed to do something to know my self – worth.

“Can I still compete in the corporate jungle?”

“Can I still mingle with people in suits and leather shoes?”

“Can I still pitch a great presentation?”

These were the things that linger inside my head and I needed to know the answers.


My daughter was barely a year old when I decided to look for a corporate job. Fortunately, I was able to get back my old work and position. I thought, maybe this is where I belong – Maybe.

For those of you who do not know, I worked in a Travel Management Company. Modesty aside, it is considered one of the best and largest in the country.

I accepted the offer because of the fact that it is a huge company. Plus, I will be working with my previous superiors. These superiors are known to be one of the smartest in the company. I was hesitant at first but I gave it a shot. I convinced myself that it was the best choice.

Quite frankly, some of my relatives and friends were not so fond of that idea. They believed that my kids were too young and that as a mother, I needed to be with them. Besides, they knew I can earn given my skills and profession, even at the comforts of our own home. But I was hard – headed and defended my choice. I told them that I needed to get back in the game. Otherwise, my market value will just depreciate considering that there will be new graduates year after year.

They kept their mouth shut.


My parents were kind enough to give me a ride to my new boarding house. Of course, the kids were with us.

When they were about to leave, I felt the world over my shoulders.

You know those movie scenes when someone waves goodbye and the car slowly moves away from the camera? And then a melodramatic musical background starts playing and invites you to cry even more?

That night, it wasn’t a movie.

It was me and my son.

It was hard. But I just said to myself ‘You are doing this for their future’.

The first night was hell. I did not have my own room because I had to save money. The more practical choice was a bed space.

My dad used to pay for my rent in a condominium when I was younger. Of course, I wouldn’t want that same setup, now that I have kids.

 Unfortunately, the only available space was a bunk bed and I had to sleep on the top. Not that it wasn’t comfortable or anything. But it didn’t help in easing my emotional burden either. I thought, “Eto pala ang feeling ng OFW”.

I cried silently, wiped my tears using my kids’ clothes (which I brought intentionally). I fell asleep with a very heavy heart and a pillow soaked in tears.


When I was younger, I saw myself working behind the desk, doing reports, analyzing corporate crises in my sexy blazer and heels. So when I got back to that same world, I thought I was on track.

The first few months were great. I was full of energy, suggesting initiatives and working overtime. I was also meeting a lot of friends, old ones and new. After all, being stuck at home for a couple of years would make you hungry for a social life.

Everything was going smoothly. But for some reason, the bright lights and fast – moving lifestyle was eating me alive. I was forgetting one thing…that I was also a mother.


Since I had an 8 to 5 job, 5x a week, I was only able to spend time with my kids every weekend. My work was a 2 – hour –drive away from our home.

Wait, did I really spend time with them, or did I spend more time in bed? The latter, I would say.

I would always be so tired to play with them so I would rather charge by means of ‘zzz-ing’.

I was with the kids physically but I don’t think we spent quality time during those periods. I was just there, sleeping.

No one complained, (except my brother) so I thought it was ok.  But there will come a point in your life when something hard will hit your head and you’d have realizations.


I defied the laws of science.

I was at 2 places at once. I was working in front of my report- filled desk. And miles away, my mind and heart rested at home.

I failed to see some of my kids’ milestones.

I can’t remember my daughter’s first word. I was not there when she was able to walk without support. I was not there when she learned to make a terrible mess.

As for my son who is now in school, I didn’t know the names of his best pals. I had no idea that I had to sign his report card. I didn’t know he won a spelling contest. I didn’t know he had a fight with his classmate.

I barely knew anything.

For a time my kids thought I was their sister. Yes, it feels great when other people think that you are your kids’ sister. But coming from your son? That’s a different story.

I was never a mom to them.


I would regularly receive calls from my mom and dad saying that my kids were sick. There was even a time that we all thought we would bring my daughter to the hospital. I was lucky though that my daughter felt better.

And then there was mom. She was always sick. It’s either her head hurts like hell, or her blood pressure shoots up. It was rare that she felt ‘normal’.

I could help them.

I COULD, if I was there. But I wasn’t…

My attitude towards work was suddenly changing.  Everything was half – baked. I will just do what has been told. No extra effort. I didn’t smile like I used to and I would drag myself to work.


It was May 2014 when I felt the urge to go back home. I wanted to resign and I was very open to my boss and teammates of my plan. Of course, I didn’t want to leave without giving them enough lead time. I didn’t want them to be caught off-guard. I was about to give my resignation when I received an important email. That message made me stay.

The company would send me to Osaka, Japan.

Holy cheese and rice! Japan? Like the J-A-P-A-N! For free!

I grabbed it, packed my bags and enjoyed my vacation.

I thought it can permanently change my thoughts about leaving.

After my travel to Japan, things at work were doing pretty well. I was back doing my reports and initiating small projects. Maybe I just needed a breather.

But my heart knew what it wanted. It wanted to go home. I tried to fight that personal battle and decided to stay.

After a couple of months, I became even more depressed. I was literally cursing every morning because I had to go to work when all I wanted was to go home. It’s not that I hated my work. To this day, I still love it. But you see, I wanted to fulfill my duties as a mother.  Besides, my mom was always sick and we had no helper. I needed to make a choice as soon as possible.


I am not really good at saying goodbyes so what I did was to send an email to my boss telling my sentiments. That was not my resignation letter. It was, how do I call it, an introduction to my plan. You do get what I mean, right?

We talked and I poured my heart out. Luckily, she was very understanding. They gave me time to think. But I guess, I really made up my mind.

I gave the letter, spent days to endorse my job and left. It was sad, nevertheless it was one of the best decisions I made.


My kids were used to sleeping beside their grandparents. That’s why I slept in my room on my own. What do I expect? That’s the price I had to pay for leaving them behind. But that doesn’t mean I’m Ok with it.

I thought, if I wanted to be closer to my kids, I need to exert extra effort. So, that’s what I did.

THEN MY SON SLEEPS WITH ME NOW (most of the time)

How did I do it?

It wasn’t an overnight success. It started from preparing their food and giving them baths. Weeks passed by and they would stay in my room for a couple of hours. That was good enough for me.

I was also not scared of disciplining them. If I had to make them face the wall, I would. They needed to know that I am their mother. It was hard at first. Every time I would discipline them, they would call their grandparents. Good thing my parents didn’t butt in. Otherwise, it would be harder for me.

Oh, just so you know, I read a book about raising toddlers. If you want to have it, just let me know. The book served its purpose to me. Maybe it’s about time that I hand it over to someone who needs it. I’ll give it for free.

Little by little, I believe they realized that I am their mother. They looked for me even when I am just having a quick shower. They started to play with me. But most importantly, I felt their respect.

I was also surprised when my son said he wanted to sleep in my room. I hugged him tight and I was so darn happy about it. The first night he slept in my bed, I just stared at his face for several minutes. That was something that I used to do when he was still a little baby.

Now, the next one is a topper. There was a time when I played dead just because I was too tired to get up. My son cried the whole time. He said, “Mommy, don’t die. I am alone. I don’t want to be alone. Mommy , I love you. I’m scared.” I was laughing silently and at the same time, my heart was being tickled.

I just got up when he said (out of his desperation), “Mommy, I want to wiwi.” Of course I didn’t want him to pee in my bed. It was hilarious. He didn’t pee. He just wanted to wake me up! Smart kid.

Right now, I am still trying my best to catch up with them.


This post is not to encourage you to leave your jobs. I perfectly understand that you need it for practicality reasons. I understand that there are people who are really for the corporate world. I have nothing against that.

This is just me, ok? Let’s be clear about that.

I have learned a lot from my corporate job. I learned how to make intricate and brain- freezing reports. I was able to face high – ranking people in different companies. I was able to resolve issues within limited time. I was able to discipline myself. But there is one lesson that made me change path.

Being in the world of suitcases, leather shoes and blazers don’t exactly mean that you are successful.

Success is subjective. I may have stopped my battle climbing the corporate ladder. But I still believe I am on my way to being successful.

To date, I write for an international website as my full time job (work from home), got a part time job from my old company (hopefully I’d start on February 1) and I am also practicing my real estate profession.

Above all, I am becoming a mother to my kids. Now tell me, isn’t that a paved road to being successful?

Last words – Remember your priorities.

To be honest, I went back to the city of lights and tall buildings because my priority was to find myself and to increase my market value. I was so hungry for that corporate title that I completely forgot I was also a mom.

Getting pregnant twice was not my biggest mistake. It was prioritizing myself before my kids.

BA is a young mom of 2 wonderful kids. She has high ambitions and would like to touch hearts. If you wish to write her a message, please send it to   

22, Broke and Pregnant AGAIN – How the Broke Became a Broker

“No. This can’t be! This is not happening. I want to die”

These were some of the thoughts I had when I found out that I was pregnant AGAIN.

I was 22 and struggling, then this? “Life can be so unfair”, I said to myself.

My period was few weeks delayed but I tried to ignore the idea that I could be pregnant. I thought that it was impossible to happen (apparently not). But when I felt different, that’s when I had to check again.

I went to the mall together with my dad, mom and son as our usual family weekend – getaway. I did not want to prolong my agony. Hence, I bought a pregnancy kit.

I don’t really believe in signs, but that day I said to myself, “When I turn around and see someone pregnant, that’s a sign that I am too.” Of course I was praying not to see one. And would you believe it? The person right behind me was very, and I mean VERY pregnant. I just shove that sign and drank water so I can already test myself.

Inside the mall’s restroom…

Two lines.

Numbed hands.

Heart stopped.

Enough said.

I went out and my mom asked me if I was ok. I said yes and pretended that everything was fine.

Good thing my brother decided to follow us. That meant, we had 2 cars to use. I insisted to ride with my brother so I can tell him the truth.

Imagine a 2 – hour drive with me wailing non – stop.


I questioned God’s plan for me. I was very honest with Him.

“God, why me? What have I done? Do you think this is funny? Do you think I love every bit of this? You know I can’t afford to have another child. You know my parents would be disappointed. You know I am not yet married. You know everything. Now answer, WHY ME?”

I was mad at Him. I was mad at everyone. I was mad at myself for having sex without protection. I was mad at my then boyfriend for doing it again. I just want the baby dead.

Of course I didn’t want an abortion. But I wished to have a miscarriage. That was my only escape.

The next day, I bled, a LOT.

I went to my OB and she was surprised to see me. Just a back story – When I gave birth to my son, she said that I should not get pregnant anytime soon, or else it would be very dangerous. I told her my condition and she asked me to undergo series of tests to ensure that the baby is safe. In my head I thought, “I don’t want the baby. Tell me that the blood means miscarriage.”

We went to the laboratory and had ultra-sound. Before that, I was drinking a lot of soda, thinking that it will make me bleed even more. Stupid, right? I was desperate. I was insane.

But everything changed when I first saw my 2nd child shown in that little monitor. Not that she was formed already or anything.

“That’s the hand forming. That’s the heartbeat”, the doctor said.

She was barely 6 weeks. I felt that my heart was crushed. I almost cried and the mother in me kicked in.

“I’m going to keep the baby.”

I realized, I was so selfish to blame other people. And I was so mean to have questioned God. It was my doing that brought me to this. I had to face it.

Since I was bleeding, my OB advised for me to take a bed – rest. In order to do so, I needed to tell my parents my condition.

Deep breath.

Here we go again.

I went to my parents’ room and sat down.

“Ma, Pa, (3 – second silence) masusundan na po si Bien.”

I chose not to look at them. It was very painful for me. And as I type this, that same feeling comes back. To cut the story short, my dad didn’t talk to me for months. I perfectly understood why he did just that.


I had to get my pen and notebook not to write my sentiments, but to compute my salary and our ballooned expenses because of my pregnancy. After looking at the figures, all I could say was, “I’m screwed.”

Yes, I was earning ok, but it was not enough for me to save money for another baby. I had 3 jobs then. Two were online writing jobs, one was a part time real estate agent. Oh wait, I was selling whitening soaps and bags! You can call me, workaholic.

With my condition, I had to rest. I had to give up some of my jobs. That meant, there will be less inflow of cash to our pockets.  Just so you know, working from home is exhausting too.

I cried several times because I didn’t know where to start. I had a growing son, and a growing baby bump. For a 22 – year old, unmarried woman, that was hard to handle.


My mantra was, “I have surpassed one storm already, I think I am ready for another one.”

I tried to ignore all the negative thoughts that was in my head. That includes being broke, additional stretch marks, parked dreams among many others. Instead, I focused on things which I can accomplish even with my getting bigger belly.

As a real estate agent, my next goal was to become a licensed real estate broker. By being one, I can get huge commissions. I can only do that if I take the board exam. But before the actual exam, one has to attend several seminars. You need to stress yourself out memorizing laws, articles and codes.

Honestly, I have had reservations if I am going to take the exam. After all, I would be 6 months pregnant by then. Plus, it would require me to take long commutes to attend the review classes. Lastly, the only cash I had was my son’s savings. I kept my son’s money which he received during Christmas and other special occasions. In short, I will use his money for my review.  I needed to make a choice. I needed to take a risk, which I did.

After 2 months of review and a failed mock exam, I was crying so hard. It was not certain if I am going to pass the actual exam. I prayed to God. I sincerely asked him to send his angels to guide me.  I couldn’t afford to fail the board exam. I just couldn’t bear the thought that I might waste my son’s money for nothing. That was all I had.

I was in the car, eyes closed, when I prayed. Right after I opened my eyes, I saw a huge billboard saying “GOD WILL MAKE A WAY”.

I cried even harder.

Before the day of the exam, I didn’t study and I opted to have a relaxing shower. To my dismay, I couldn’t remember a thing from my review. I panicked and got my short reviewer. I held it but did not dare read it. I was exhausted. I prayed and just slept.

Examination day. I was so tired, so sleepy and so cold. If I can remember it correctly, for each set, I would be the last person to finish. I was a bit bothered. I thought, “Cheese and rice people, I am having a hard time answering this and you guys are already taking breaks?” I tried my best and finished at around 8:00 PM. I was the last examinee to have left the room.

I wasn’t happy. In my mind, I knew I was going to fail. Damn it.

Days passed by and we were all waiting for the result. I got tired checking the PRC’s website day after day, so I decided to just stop waiting and at the same time, stop expecting. I prayed once again to have enough courage to accept my fate.

And then I got a call from Ms. Doah (A real estate broker who took the exam a year earlier), “Barbara Anne Isla ang full name mo, di ba?” (Your full name is Barbara Anne Isla, right?). I said yes. What I heard next made me want to jump up and down. (Obviously, I cant – 6 months pregnant, remember?)

“Pasado ka BA.” (You passed BA)

No way.


I opened the website and saw my name.

Oh my gosh! I dropped the call and said to my parents, “Broker na ako!” (I’m a Broker!)

Oath – taking day came and I was strutting in a glamorous Filipiniana and wore 5 – inch heels. Add that to my huge baby bump. It felt great. In my head I was already dreaming of selling multiple properties. I was planning my family’s vacation. I was hoping for a new car, a nice house, condo units etc. Of course I had to park those dreams. It was time for me to take full rest as I was about to give birth a month after my oath – taking.



“What? Labor? This can’t be.”

It was June 2 when I felt the labor pains, which was not good because I was scheduled to undergo a Cesarean Operation on the 2nd week of the month. At the wee hours, we hurried to the hospital and waited for the doctor. They had to give me extra medicines for my asthma and minute after minute, I felt sleepy.

When I woke up, I saw my daughter. Beautiful. I actually overheard the nurses telling to my daughter how beautiful she is.

I laughed at myself for trying to get rid of such an angel. I made the right decision after all.

Unfortunately, she was not 100% well. She had infections and that meant expensive medical bills. I had to request private nurses to visit us at home. I just said, “God, I don’t want to stress myself over this. I know we’ll get by.” True enough, when I checked our savings, it was enough to cover the hospital bills. And if me memory serves me right, I received a commission from a sale that I made a year ago. It was very timely.


If there is one thing that I learned from this chapter of my life, it was to Trust God with all your heart and stop worrying. But remember, you have to do your part too. In my case, I don’t think I can pass the exam if I took it lightly. I studied hard and told myself that I am doing this for my kids.

Indeed, God will make a way. Dear, you might think that what you are going through is impossible to surpass, but remember that God has no limits. He can move a mountain in a snap. He can create a new world in a blink of an eye. He can make that problem disappear in just one breath.

Just do what is right, have good reasons for it and learn to trust His plans. After all, God’s plan is always beautiful.


Before my daughter turned a year old, I decided to go back to the corporate world. I tried to find myself. But in the process of trying to explore, I hit huge rocks, tripped over, had bruises, which I will try to share with you on the next post.

BA is a young mom of 2 wonderful kids. She has high ambitions and would like to touch hearts. If you wish to write her a message, please send it to   

21, Broke and Pregnant – The Struggles of a ‘Good- Girl’ who Got Pregnant

I Got Pregnant

I was 21 years old then.

Just turned 21.

On my last days of being 20, I was already imagining things and activities that a 21 – year – old can do. I was ready to experiment, get drunk, be bolder, be more independent.

But I guess there was a different road plotted for me.

And the World Literally Slowed Down

I took the pregnancy test during the working hours. That meant, I was in the office with my superiors. I knew that I ‘might’ be pregnant, but I try to shoo that thought away. I was just not ready.

When I felt the urge to use the restroom, I was feeling nervous. My hands were shaking but I had to face it. I needed to know.

2 clear lines!

Holy Mackerel! Positive.

My head felt heavier and I felt cold sweat from every inch of my body. I couldn’t say anything and I just left the cubicle, without throwing the kit in the trash bin. I lost focus and I just went to my best friend in the office. Obviously, she was in the right state of mind because she hurried immediately to the cubicle to clear up my mess.

I went to my desk and cried. My bosses knew, based from my reaction, that my life is about to change 9 months or less from that moment on.

I Can’t Hide the Baby Bump Anymore

My baby bump was getting bigger and the only person from my immediate family who knew my situation was my brother.

I had no intention of hiding my pregnancy, but it was a challenge to disclose it to my parents. I knew that I am going to break their hearts. But it would be twice the pain if they will hear the news from other people.

It was a family dinner in a restaurant when my dad teased that I was getting fat and that I might be pregnant. It was this joke that triggered me to tell the truth. Actually, I didn’t speak a word. I just cried.

What happened next crushed me.

My mom hugged me as if she was telling me that everything will be ok. My dad went silent, stood up and left the restaurant.

When he came back, he said words that made me want to break down. “Nagiisa kitang anak na babae, aalagaan ka namin.” You are my only daughter, we will take care of you.

The Thoughts in My Head

Surely I was not a perfect daughter, but I know that I didn’t give my parents much of a headache when I was still in school. I had good grades, bagged few awards and was part of the student leaders group in our school. I knew that somehow, I was a role model to my younger cousins. But because I got pregnant, I felt that my whole ‘good – girl’ reputation was tarnished (or am I just exaggerating thoughts then).

What will happen to my career? I loved my job back then. I was enjoying the corporate jungle and I was not ready to leave it just yet. However, my condition forced me to leave my job as it was not healthy for the baby. That made me pity myself even more.

What will happen to my physique? I do not have that model body, but I would like to think that my curves were my asset. But I was getting fat, I was getting stretch marks, my nose was getting bigger. This added to my semi – depression.

Where will I get money? I was broke. I left my job penniless and I am few months away from giving birth. I didn’t want to ask a lot from my parents. I just couldn’t do that.

My world was indeed turning upside down. But should I drown myself in that?


I had to pick myself up, think of ways how I could fight that depression, and think of ways on how I can resolve each of the issues that I was facing.

Getting Up while Gaining Baby Weight

I literally had a hard time lifting myself, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get through my emotional and psychological challenges at that time. I was fortunate enough that my family and friends were supportive. That may have helped me in my personal struggles.

Support system is very important for situations like this. If you feel that you can’t get it from your friends and family, then there are groups where you can join and seek help. You can check online for blogs or communities that help each other to get up. But remember, your support system can only do so much. You will still have that final say if you want to help yourself. I am no – expert on this but allow me to share the things that I did to somehow, surpass that chapter in my life.

I accepted what happened

Can I turn back time?


I needed to accept that I got pregnant. I needed to accept that the life I dreamed about will have to change. It doesn’t have to downgrade, but it will be different.

The first step is to accept that it happened. Otherwise, you cannot move on.

  • I may not be able to make it big in the corporate world, but I know that I can make it big somewhere.
  • I may not get back my old body, but I can still look good.
  • I may not have a lot of money, but I know I can get by.

I looked at my resources, searched for my strength and worked on it

I had my laptop at home. We had our internet connection. These were my resources.

I love to write. I am pretty opinionated. These are innate, I must say.  *wink*

And it was the birth of ‘work from home jobs’. Oooh, opportunity!

I grabbed it.

I gave it a try and took my chance. Fortunately, I got hired and was able to save enough money for the hospital bills and my child’s christening. Not bad in a span of 6 months, right?

I am sure you have your own strong points. It may or may not give you money, but in the process of your recovery, I suggest that you work on it. You will eventually feel better by doing something that you are good at, and if you are quite lucky, get paid for it.

I am not saying that feeling bad, most specially in this situation is totally unacceptable. In fact, I would consider it normal. But always remember, you can’t undo the past. What you can do is to shape your future by doing what is best in the present…


I was doing well, earning enough. I even gave my son a simple yet very happy 1st Birthday Party.

Few weeks later I found out…


Now, that calls for another post.

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Happy Birthday to Us

Today marks my 26th year in this beautiful planet. I am officially out of the early 20s zone. Since it is my birthday and I am relatively broke, this blog is actually my gift to myself. In that case, Happy Birthday YOUNGMOMMYBA – In Between Tantrums and Diapers!

You see, I have had few blogs in the past. These are, shall I say, not focused on a central topic. These blogs were more like my journal, me – stuff which has no relevance to other people, I think.

But this year, I want to do something not only for myself. I want to be able to reach out to others and possibly touch their hearts. Oh yes people, I am trying to be a super hero in ways I am capable of.  *wink*

Writing has been my outlet. I couldn’t say I’m an expert, profound or someone that you would hire to write for a magazine and such. In fact, I am pretty sure that there are millions, even billions of people who write and compose better than I do. But what the heck, that wouldn’t stop me from writing down my thoughts. After all, that is not my sole objective for putting up this blog.

As I have said, I want to reach out to other people, particularly those in the niche where I belong (read: young moms). To be clear, this is not just a parenting blog.  This blog is rather multi – faceted. I envision writing posts about fashion, party ideas, business opportunities, travel etc. that would still appeal to young moms.

Now, I am open for ideas which you would like me to write about. Or if there are shenanigans which you would like me to share, then that would be great too as I will accept guest posts (but please make sure that it is a quality article). Just drop an email to and I will respond to you as soon as I can.